What Did The Secret Service Really Call Melania Trump?

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Donald Trump's presidency was filled with drama — right from his election to his loss at the hands of Joe Biden in 2020 and refusing to concede. But it wasn't just Trump who was the center of the limelight during his term. Former first lady Melania Trump was likewise at the heart of action and controversies, grabbing numerous media headlines through her years at the White House.

Aside from the media, others were observing Melania too, such as her then-chief of staff and Trump's press secretary Stephanie Grisham. Grisham worked for Trump and then Melania until January 6, as she resigned from her position because of the U.S. Capitol riot — two weeks before the end of the administration, per CNN.

The former White House press secretary had much to say about Melania's role in the White House. In her upcoming book, titled, "I'll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House," Grisham recalls her experience while working as the press secretary and Melania's chief advisor. Among several shocking revelations, her book details how Melania felt when she found out about Trump's infidelities and Trump's temper. Clearly, Melania wasn't happy — her office labeled the book's motive as "an attempt to redeem herself after a poor performance as Press Secretary," per Politico. Grisham even wrote about the Secret Service's name they gave to Melania after observing her role at the White House. Keep scrolling to find out what that was.

The Secret Service compared Melania Trump to a fairy tale character

In her 352-page book, Stephanie Grisham reveals that the secret service nicknamed Melania Trump "Rapunzel." This name was given to Melania because she rarely left the White House, which Grisham describes as "her tower," as reported by People. Per another report by The Washington Post, agents requested assignments that involved protecting Melania, as it was an easy task because she rarely ventured outside the White House. The book also reveals that Melania would spend time working on her photo albums when not with her family. According to People, Grisham labeled the photo albums as Melania's "two children." Grisham also wrote that Melania was working on a rug photoshoot during the riot in the U.S. Capitol. 

Per People, the book — which paints the administration as dysfunctional and chaotic —is backed up by similar memoirs from other ex-White House staffers. But there are critiques of the book, too. "As usual, [Grisham] doesn't tell the whole story. She is publishing a text with her own twist and mistruths," a source told People.

According to the outlet, the book carries the subtitle "What I Saw in the Trump White House" and includes several accounts that have "never been heard." Considering the disapproval around Trump's presidency, it could see many buyers eager to get acquainted with the unheard White House secrets.

Melania's chief of staff compared her to Marie Antoinette

Melania Trump's Secret Service nickname wasn't the only dish Stephanie Grisham served in "I'll Take Your Questions Now." According to Politico, Grisham also compared the former first lady to the former French queen Marie Antoinette, calling her "Dismissive. Defeated. Detached." What led Grisham to this grim diagnosis? It was her reaction to the riot at the US Capitol on January 6.

At the time, Grisham was serving as Melania's chief of staff and reached out to her to strategize on a response to the riot. "Do you want to tweet that peaceful protests are the right of every American, but there is no place for lawlessness and violence?" Grisham asked. Melania replied one minute later with a short, succinct answer: "No."

Grisham also revealed that she was "shocked" to learn that Melania appeared to support Donald Trump's claims that the election was stolen. Melania allegedly told her that "something bad happened" that delegitimized the election results, and Grisham explained to her that while all elections have small irregularities, there was no conspiracy to remove her husband from office.

Melania's office is striking back at Stephanie Grisham

Understandably, Melania Trump's office is already doing damage control. "The intent behind this book is obvious," a statement read, per Politico. "It is an attempt to redeem herself after a poor performance as press secretary, failed personal relationships, and unprofessional behavior in the White House. Through mistruth and betrayal, she seeks to gain relevance and money at the expense of Mrs. Trump."

According to the outlet, "failed personal relationships" is likely a reference to a relationship Stephanie Grisham had with one of Donald Trump's former aides, Max Miller. Politico Magazine reported that Miller — whom Donald has called "a really great guy" — pushed her against a wall in his apartment and slapped her across the face after she accused him of cheating on her. His attorney denied the allegation, writing in a statement, "Mr. Miller has never, ever assaulted Ms. Grisham in any way whatsoever."

It's unclear if Grisham will address her relationship with Miller in her book. But with the book set to come out on October 5, we'll find out sooner rather than later. A publishing source told Politico, "Stephanie has secrets about Trump that even the first lady doesn't know. Secrets that he doesn't want her to know. They will be in this book."