Is The Atmosphere At The Tamron Hall Show Toxic?

When Tamron Hall left the "Today" show, she was confident that another opportunity would arise. "I already knew they made the wrong choice when I left the door ... whether that show made it or not, I knew I was making the right decision for me," she told Variety in 2019 when reflecting on her departure. Eventually, ABC gave the host her own program with the "Tamron Hall" show.

Producer Bill Geddie — who helped Barbara Walters develop "The View" into a daytime juggernaut — was brought on as the executive producer of Hall's self-titled show, but that relationship quickly soured. In March 2020 it was announced that Geddie was leaving, per Page Six. Geddie and the host reportedly clashed over the idea of bringing Bill O'Reilly on the show, which caused lasting friction between the two.

By June 2020, Candi Carter had been hired as the new producer of the "Tamron Hall" show. Carter also boasted credentials from "The View," and she spent 15 years working on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," per Page Six. The producer brought over a "dream team" of staffers for Hall's program who worked alongside her on Winfrey's show. Bringing on this new team meant clearing space with the old hires, and Carter and Hall gave pink slips to a reported 18 staff members. "It was a bloodbath," one source told Page Six. But how did Hall and Carter develop their own feud?

Candi Carter apparently had enough

Reportedly, the good will between Tamron Hall and Candi Carter appears to have been short-lived. The producer told the network that she wanted to be transferred because of the "toxic" work space created by Hall. "Candi was so done with Tamron that she requested that ABC take her off the show," a source told the Daily Mail on October 1. "The environment that Tamron has created on her show is toxic. It is literally bleeding staff," the insider claimed.

Allegedly, the host was not open to suggestions put forth by Carter, and this was a point of tension between the two. "Tamron didn't like that Candi tried to steer the ship and had ideas that clashed with hers, because Tamron believes the only opinion that matters is her opinion," the source said. There were rumors that Carter would resume her role on "The View." Carter first joined the long-running daytime show in 2015 as executive producer and stayed on for five seasons, per her website.

These are not the first reports of toxicity on Hall's daytime program. After Carter joined the show as a producer in 2020 to replace Bill Geddie, there were reports of behind-the-scenes drama. "The show has been a hotbed of dysfunction since day one," a source told the Daily Mail in a separate report. "Tamron only wants people who say yes to her."