What Chantel Everett From 90 Day Fiance Does For A Living

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno are one of the most successful "90 Day Fiancé" couples in the reality show's history. The two were introduced to the franchise during Season 4 in 2016 when they joined the cast as two love birds. From there, Chantel and Pedro have bounced around to multiple "90 Day" spin-offs, including the making of their own independent program called, "The Family Chantel."

Back in 2016, the pair met one another through a mutual friend when Chantel began taking Spanish lessons and Pedro was tasked with helping tutor her. Not only did Chantel walk away knowing a new language, but she also walked away with a new fiancé. She took three trips to the Dominican Republic to meet Pedro when he proposed. While the two of them became overnight "90 Day" sensations, the couple had a normal life before becoming social media stars. But now, with the new season of "The Family Chantel" premiering on October 11, some fans might be wondering: What does Chantel do for a living? Here's what we know.

Chantel Everett is a nurse and an influencer

Nowadays, Chantel Everett is a certified influencer after coming into social media stardom via "90 Day Fiancé." And it comes as no surprise, as Chantel and her husband Pedro Jimeno were incredibly popular with the franchise. In 2019, they became the first couple to land a reality show that didn't feature fellow "90 Day" castmates. Now on social media, Chantel works hard as an influencer, providing discount codes for the various products she endorses.

But Chantel didn't up and leave her career following her path to social media stardom. In fact, Chantel is a registered nurse and the Georgia native has continued to post snippets about her life as a nurse online. In one post, she shows off her scrubs, while in another, she talks about the reality of nursing school.

Yet, the best part is that Chantel has combined her passion and her career into one. She has posted several times about her career, while influencing at the same time. In one Instagram, Chantel details the scrubs she wears to work and provides a code so her fellow "90 Day" nurses can grab themselves a pair. Obviously, it seems Chantel has found the perfect work-life balance.

What are Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno up to now?

Being a full-time influencer and nurse is not an easy job. Not only that, but Chantel Everett also balances her "90 Day Fiancé" duties perfectly. This week Chantel has been posting about her and Pedro Jimeno's appearance on the spinoff "90 Day Bares All." On the show, host Shaun Robinson asks the couples juicy questions, premieres never-before-seen footage, and allows the couples to speak completely uncensored.

But Chantel and Pedro won't be promoting "90 Day Bares All" for long, as the newest season of their reality spinoff, "The Family Chantel," is set to premiere on October 11. In the trailer, Season 3 seems to be the couple's juiciest yet. When Pedro and Chantel go house-hunting, Chantel references the family's continued feud when she says Pedro's sister and mother can sleep in a cage if they visit their new house.

Yet, the two seem to be a happy couple otherwise. While they both juggle busy lives, with Chantel working hard on different areas of her career, the two say they want to try and have kids in the future. But for now, it just isn't the right time. With Chantel working so much and Pedro looking to go back to school, it seems the two are working on themselves before bringing another life into the world.