How JoJo Siwa Really Feels About Her DWTS Partner

Season 30 of "Dancing With the Stars" is well underway and JoJo Siwa made history on the show as the first dancer with a same-sex partner. While they can pull off an incredible routine and got the highest score of the night during their debut week, do they really get along?

JoJo stopped by "The Kelly Clarkson Show" on October 4 and revealed that she's having the time of her life. "I don't think it's ever been a thing, but I think now that it is a thing it's like, 'Oh my God this is amazing, why hasn't it happened sooner?'" she said when asked about dancing with partner Jenna Johnson. "I mean my partner and I literally just are having the best time ever. She is the coolest, greatest dancer ever and I'm so lucky to have her as my partner and it's been the best ride ever. It's hard, it's a lot of work, but it's the best."

Despite Siwa's background on "Dance Moms," she's encountered numerous challenges this season. Keep reading for more details.

'Dancing With the Stars' is a different experience for JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa had plenty of training under Abby Lee Miller during her time on "Dance Moms," but it seems like she needed a bit of a boost on Season 30 of "Dancing With the Stars."

"All my dancing is cardio. It's very cardio heavy, but now it's cardio plus muscle," Siwa explained on the October 4 episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show." "I don't got any technique anymore," she added. When Clarkson assumed Siwa had a "leg up" on people due to her prior dancing experience, Siwa said her dance history is nothing like she's doing now. "I was a dancer my entire life, I stopped dancing when I was about 13, but everybody knows me from 'Dance Moms.' I'm a full fledged dancer." she explained. "However, I explain it like a football player playing soccer. There's athletic ability, but it's just not their gig. That's how these styles of dance are, very different than like jazz, contemporary, musical theater, styles that I've been trained in, way different, quick step, cha-cha, salsa, it's so different."

Siwa might have doubts about her abilities, but she can't hide her excitement. "I have a chance right now to make history and to break down a barrier and there's nothing that I would rather do than that," she told People in September.