Nicolle Wallace Got Blunt About Her Run-In With Kayleigh McEnany At The View

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace chatted with Whoopi Goldberg on the October 5 episode of the "Behind the Table" podcast, spilling the tea about her time as a co-host on "The View." Wallace, a self-described former Republican, had a lot to say about her initial audition in 2014, which included some unforgettable moments — and fellow co-hosts. "First of all, I was a stay-at-home mommy swimming in the pool, my hair was green. So I went, and I have green hair." That's one way to start an interview!

When Wallace did her hosting test, she wasn't the only one up to bat. "I had guest appeared and Jenny McCarthy was there, sweet as can be," she noted, before quipping, "Kayleigh McEnany was there that day, crazy as could be, bless her heart." Yep, McEnany was also up for the role — and clearly, she left quite the impression on Wallace. And chances are the former Trump staffer stuck in viewers' minds as well, as ET Online reported she got into a "heated debate" on gun reform. Just five years later, McEnany became the White House's press secretary.

Ultimately, Wallace was only on "The View" for one season, as she got fired in 2015, noted TVLine. Per the outlet, Wallace was let go because the network felt she wasn't as willing to wade into heavy political discussions. "I am pathologically adaptive and a mediator at heart so the idea that they felt bamboozled that I wasn't [Elisabeth] Hasselbeck 2.0 was always crazy to me," she recalled. But that wasn't all Wallace had to say.

Nicolle Wallace misses 'The View's Whoopi Goldberg

In speaking to Whoopi Goldberg on the "Behind the Table" podcast, Nicolle Wallace couldn't help but gush over the "Ghost" actor.

"'The View' was exotic to me. But I really don't remember much about guest hosting except meeting you [Whoopi] and when they said, 'Do you wanna try out? I was like, 'And see Whoopi Goldberg every day?' Yes!'" the political anchor recalled. "And my whole drive to get picked was about being with you ... It was like love at first sight with you, and the whole thing was never about more than that for me." Although Wallace only co-hosted for that one season, she really enjoyed her time with Goldberg. "I remember thinking the most wonderful thing was sitting with you," Wallace continued. 

Still, there was one more important face to Wallace — and the show's viewer. "To have your first job in TV in front of 'The View' viewer is like being held and scolded when you screw up. You have this instant, human face that's rooting for the show, that's deeply connected to your heart and you have this sense of what humans react to, what humans connect to, you have a sense that humans are very open," she explained. "They are not snowflakes. The idea that hosts stretched and understood people's point of views was its strength and was its beauty and was my favorite thing about it."