Are Nicolle Wallace And Rosie O'Donnell Friends Today?

Nicolle Wallace got candid about her time on "The View" on the October 5 episode of the "Behind the Table" podcast. When Whoopi Goldberg asked her about Rosie O'Donnell, she did not hold back.

"We ran into each other on an airplane and we are friends now. She's been on my show a couple times," Wallace said. However, there was a time when the women were not so chummy. "She scared the bejesus out of me. I didn't know her," she recalled. "She had big feelings and for some reason, I think there was just some muscle memory to fighting with a Republican. I made her mad and I think she had a lot going on in her life. We did become friends."

Wallace then commented that she, along with other mothers, can relate to O'Donnell — even if they have different political views. "I think anyone on the planet with a kid could relate to Rosie O'Donnell as a mom because if you were to map her brain, 99% of it is spent thinking about her kids and trying to help her kids. We're good now," she added. They may be good now, but O'Donnell and Wallace definitely had their fair share of disagreements. Keep reading for more details.

Nicolle Wallace and Rosie O'Donnell were like fire and ice on 'The View'

Nicolle Wallace left no stone unturned about her time with Rosie O'Donnell on "The View" when speaking to Whoopi Goldberg about their time together on the October 5 episode of the "Behind the Table" podcast.

It's no secret that O'Donnell and Wallace were not the best of friends, and it seems like they struggled to find common ground on the show when they co-hosted together for one season in 2014. "I never met anybody like that. I never figured out how to navigate her during our season," Wallace said. As for Goldberg? She has nothing but love for the former co-host, as she said, "I always hug her when I see her. There's no point in being angry at folks."

Wallace said that O'Donnell's time on "The View" could have clashed with what was going on in her personal life. "I think that might've been the wrong moment in her life, the wrong role on a TV show, and maybe the chemistry between the rest of us made her hurt," she explained. Two years before returning to "The View," O'Donnell had a heart attack, which was followed by a 50-pound weight loss in 2013, per CNN. In 2014, she was subject to harsh public bullying by Donald Trump. These issues may be what Wallace was referring to. "I think for Rosie O, the pain does the talking sometimes. Her life is pretty peaceful right now," Wallace concluded.