Who Is Matt Lauer's Daughter, Romy?

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Few people have had as hard a fall from grace as former "Today" anchor Matt Lauer. The disgraced newsman was abruptly fired in 2017 at the beginning of the #MeToo movement upon revelations of rampant sexual misconduct. This surprised many, and Lauer's former co-anchor Katie Couric even revealed in her upcoming memoir, "Going There," that she was "crushed" upon hearing the news.

Since disappearing from the nation's TV screens, Lauer has kept a pretty low profile. According to Distractify, Lauer's wife at the time, Annette Roque, promptly kicked him out of their home and filed for divorce, leaving Lauer to seek refuge in the Hamptons. Lauer has apparently been hiding out there for the last few years with his new lover Shamin Abas, a public relations executive. Lauer and Abas were actually spotted by Page Six in August at a posh Hamptons event, and apparently, they were only a few feet away from Lauer's ex-wife Roque, who was also at the event.

Lauer and Abas were spotted yet again with Lauer's daughter, Romy, as they went out for her 18th birthday. So who exactly is Romy? Here's everything we know.

Romy keeps a pretty low profile

According to the Daily Mail, Matt Lauer and Shamin Abas took Romy and one of her friends out for dinner at Tutto Ill Giorno followed by ice cream at Yummylicious for her 18th birthday in October. Romy wore an all-black ensemble, with PVC pants and a spaghetti strap crop top.

As she was a minor until very recently, there is very little public information about Romy. However, we can learn a little bit about her from her Instagram. With more than 3,700 followers and only 227 following, Romy has a solid ratio by today's standards. She appears to live in the Hamptons as opposed to New York City, as her two most recent photos are tagged in Sag Harbor and Montauk. Her VSCO page also contains many shots of her driving, at the beach, and in nature — all activities that she probably wouldn't be regularly doing if she lived in New York City. There are also several photos of her horseback riding, with one appearing to be at the Winter Equestrian Festival. 

It seems like Romy Laur has an affinity for exploring what Long Island has to offer. 

Romy and her father seem to have a good relationship

Romy Lauer was only 14 years old when her parents' marriage imploded in front of a national audience as her father was outed as a sexual predator. According to Us Weekly, the ordeal took a toll on the entire family. An insider even told the magazine that Matt Lauer's divorce was a long time coming. "Annette [Roque] wanted out of the marriage for a long time," the source said, claiming Roque had "been through hell" before any of the allegations even came to light. "She stayed for Matt's career — and more important, for their kids." During the divorce, Roque was a stay-at-home mom and "made her children her first priority."

With all the extra time on his hands, Lauer seems to be making the kids his priority too. In 2019, he somewhat returned to the spotlight when he began appearing in some of Romy's TikTok videos, according to Entertainment Tonight. In the now-deleted videos, the former news anchor danced to "Hot Shower" by Chance the Rapper and lip synced "Big Fun" from "Heathers: The Musical" while eating cereal.

According to the outlet, Romy also made light of her father's scandal in one video. In it, she showed a phone with an article pulled up about his scandal and firing, and she said, "Hey yo, famous relative check." Hopefully, Romy is able to live her life as she pleases despite the turbulence her family has experienced.