What Cindy McCain Revealed About Meghan During Her Visit To The View

Cindy McCain stopped by "The View" on October 6 and had plenty to talk about, especially her ambassadorship with the United Nations. She explained that although it was not official yet, she was thrilled to be a nominee. "I'm the nominee for the food and agriculture portion of the UN that's based in Rome," she explained to the co-hosts. "It's a dream come true for me. I've been doing this kind of work my entire adult life so now I get to do it and serve my country while I'm doing it." President Joe Biden nominated McCain as an ambassador on behalf of the United States to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture, according to a June CNN report.

Business wasn't the only thing McCain discussed. Whoopi Goldberg was curious for an update on former co-host Meghan McCain and her daughter Liberty. "They're wonderful, they're just adorable," Cindy, ever the proud grandmother, gushed. "I was just up for her first birthday last weekend. She's so cute, she's just precious and Meghan is loving being a mom. She's just suited for it."

Despite the update, not everyone was a fan of Cindy's appearance on the talk show. Keep reading for more details.

Cindy McCain drew mixed reactions on 'The View'

Cindy McCain was a guest co-host on the October 6 episode of "The View," but many viewers wanted her to stay home instead. 

One critic wrote, "Cindy really hasn't said a lot during hot topics...you sort of have to say more. I like Cindy but she was sort of boring." Another added, "Please ask Cindy what she thinks of her radical right wing trump loving son in law and the fact that her daughter parrots all his crap whenever she gets the chance. Also, please ask Cindy if all her children are narcissistic spoiled brats or is it just Princess Meghan." One viewer wrote, "WHY AND WHY AND why. you got rid of [Meghan McCain] so ARE YOU feeling guilty or just being idiots. which is it? because there's only one answer."

Although Cindy faced some backlash, there was at least one fan who enjoyed her commentary. "Cindy McCain did a great job on the view today!" they wrote.