Inside New Claims About The Melania Trump Easter Bunny Controversy

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We may not have heard that much from Melania Trump when she was living in the White House, but now that she's a normal(ish) private citizen like the rest of us, boy are we getting some first lady tea. As tell-all upon tell-all about the Trump administration hit the bookshelves, we're getting more information than ever about what Melania was really like, including one rather odd anecdote about an Easter Bunny. Stay with us, because it's real.

This is not the first time that Melania has weathered some holiday-related controversy. Remember when she was recorded allegedly complaining to a former friend about working her behind off and questioning, "Who gives a f*ck about Christmas stuff and decoration?" And it's hard to forget the way social media roasted her for her White House holiday decorations that some described as giving Tim Burton and Stanley Kubrick vibes. 

The latest story of Melania versus Holiday Cheer comes courtesy of Stephanie Grisham, her former chief of staff, and her book, "I'll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House." Hang on to your Easter baskets, because this story is quite shocking. 

Melania Trump didn't like the Easter Bunny's 'fit

The reason we're talking about Melania Trump and the Easter Bunny (two things we never thought we'd put in the same sentence) is because, according to Stephanie Grisham, Trump made the Easter Bunny strip before appearing to the eager crowd outside the White House because she didn't like his outfit. Don't worry, the human man inside the Easter Bunny costume didn't have to take off his own clothes, but he did have to remove the checkered vest that usually goes with the costume.

"Just as the guy in the costume was about to go onto the balcony to wave to the kids, a frown crossed the first lady's face," Grisham wrote in "I'll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House" (via The Hill). Melania apparently said that she didn't like what he was wearing, and found the brightly colored vest "tacky and distracting."

You may not remember, but a few people did notice the curiously nude bunny when he appeared for the 2017 White House Easter Egg Roll. In case you were especially attached to the Bunny's so-called "tacky" fashion choice, have no fear. The Biden White House has officially reinstated the vest and even gave him a coronavirus friendly face mask.