Did Drew Barrymore Just Throw Shade At Ellen DeGeneres?

Fellow talk show hosts Drew Barrymore and Ellen DeGeneres may appear sweet on camera, but indeed, they actually have salty feelings for each other. In 2017, the two collaborated on the reality show "First Dates" for NBC which took an in-depth look at the first dates of couples from various age ranges. Not only did the show fail to make an impact, but there were rumors of friction between the two hosts. "Ellen and Drew are a case of oil and water," an insider told InTouch at the time. "Ellen expected to be the one calling the shots, but Drew thinks she should have creative control because she's the movie star people are tuning in to see," they added. Eek.

A couple of years later, while appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Dakota Johnson had her own (now quite famous) tension with the long-time talk show host. As history will tell it, DeGeneres inquired about Johnson's birthday: "How was the party? I wasn't invited." The "Fifty Shades of Grey" actor was quick to correct the host, and an all-time awkward exchange ensued. "Actually, no, that's not the truth, Ellen. You were invited," Johnson replied. The actor confirmed the invite with the show's producers, and DeGeneres looked noticeably frazzled, as we're sure you've seen via endless (hilarious) resulting memes.

Keep reading to see how Johnson and Barrymore just shared a wink and a laugh about the birthday mishap seen around the world.

Drew Barrymore referenced the viral Dakota Johnson moment

On Oct. 7, Dakota Johnson appeared on "The Drew Barrymore Show," and the actor was asked about her neighbors during a multi-round segment. Johnson revealed she lived next door to late-night talk host Jimmy Kimmel and his wife. "They're great neighbors except they have a lot of parties and they don't invite me," Johnson said. Drew Barrymore was quick to take the bait and referenced the guest's viral moment with Ellen DeGeneres. "Is this for real because people have gotten in trouble for claiming not being invited to your parties," Barrymore responded. Both women exchanged knowing looks before Johnson doubled over with laughter. "That was amazing by the way. Like, amazing!" Barrymore added. Ha!

Many fans were delighted with the exchange that played to meme culture and shaded DeGeneres. "Major props to @DrewBarrymore for bringing up the 'Actually no that's not the truth Ellen' incident on her show today with Dakota Johnson. I almost spit out my coffee," one viewer tweeted. "Not Drew Barrymore and Dakota Johnson shading Ell*nDG," another Twitter user wrote alongside two skull emoji. 

After Johnson's awkward encounter with DeGeneres went viral, and it was announced in May that DeGeneres' show was coming to an end, several fans (jokingly, of course) linked Johnson's moment as a turning point. "[D]akota johnson has done more for society by ending [E]llen [D]egeneres than most of your faves have in their careers and it shows," one person tweeted. We love a good callback!