What Does Joan Collins Really Think About Meghan And Harry?

Joan Collins is known for many different things: her legendary role as Alexis Colby on the soap classic "Dynasty," her glamour and style, and also as an author and columnist, as she regularly writes for publications such as The Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and even Harper's Bazaar. 

Collins might have spent most of her adult life in Hollywood, but she's still got British blood in her veins. She is a huge fan of the royal family, and was honored by Queen Elizabeth herself when she was made a dame in 2014, according to USA Today. Upon receiving her honor, Collins, who was born in London, said she was "thrilled and truly grateful" to have been bestowed with such an important title.

However, Collins' perception of the royal family has changed in recent years. While she has the utmost respect for the queen, in June, the actor told Piers Morgan that she was absolutely tired of hearing all of the drama surrounding Buckingham Palace these days. Collins told Morgan that her "lips were sealed" over the topic, per The Independent, as she didn't want to become a victim of so-called cancel culture. However, now she's opening up a little bit more.

Joan Collins is tired of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Joan Collins made it pretty clear that she is no fan of Queen Elizabeth's grandson Prince Harry or his wife, Meghan Markle. In fact, she believes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex get so much attention for the things they do and say that she doesn't want to be yet another public figure that has an opinion to share about them. "I think they've had enough oxygen in the press," she stated when asked about the couple (via ET Canada).

Interestingly enough though, Collins did have something to say about Piers Morgan, who refused to believe Meghan when she told Oprah Winfrey in her bombshell of an interview that she experienced mental health issues behind closed doors at the palace. As a result, Morgan lost his job at "Good Morning Britain." "He's more interesting than any of them," Collins said of Morgan, clearly showing which side of this royal battle she's on. For someone who usually has a lot to say in her columns, Collins' blunt words about Harry and Meghan speak volumes.