Blac Chyna's Airport Rant Fiasco Explained

Blac Chyna is very serious about her health and the health of her two children, who she shares with rapper Tyga and reality star Rob Kardashian. She even told People in 2017 that she wanted to start living a healthier lifestyle for the sake of her children. "I do want to live longer. I need to live a healthy life so that I could [be there] for them," the model said. "It's just really important. It makes me feel good, because once I feel good, everybody else feels good."

The socialite further exemplified this when she went live on her Instagram on September 29 and received her first Pfizer dose from a doctor. Blac Chyna did this while simultaneously educating her fans about the importance of getting vaccinated, and answering any questions they had. "I'm really happy I did it," she told her fans. "I honestly want to keep everybody safe and keep my kids safe. That's like the most important part ... Everybody go get vaccinated, stay safe stay healthy."

Blac Chyna seemingly spread more awareness about the COVID-19 vaccine when it was the subject of a huge outburst she had on October 12 in the Miami International Airport in response to her frustrations with anti-vaxxers. 

Blac Chyna went off on anti-vaxxers

If there's one thing Blac Chyna knows how to do, it's making headlines. She did just that at the Miami International Airport on October 12 after going on an explicit tirade at a fan who wanted to take a photo with her. The rant started because Blac Chyna was upset at the possibility of said fan not being fully vaccinated. 

"Go get checked out," she said in the beginning of her rant, per TikTok video footage obtained by Revolt. "It's sad, and it really blows the f*ck out of me." Ironically, Blac Chyna was going off on people while not wearing a mask to protect herself. This doesn't faze her, though, because Blac Chyna continued on her rant. She even touched on the educational implications of receiving the vaccine, in her own way. "Go get the shot! ... The same thing that you have to do to enroll your kids [in school]," she pleaded. "This is why people's grandparents are dying and sh*t."

The Miami police told TMZ that they were not called to stop the situation, so no one was arrested during the debacle. Twitter, on the other hand, is having a ball with the Blac Chyna outburst memes. Journalist Natt Garun said, "did not have blac chyna as chaotic good on my covid bingo," while author Minda Hart wrote, "I am laughing so hard at this Blac Chyna vid—she said what she said!"