Here's How Much Randy Travis Is Really Worth

When it comes to Randy Travis, there probably aren't many big-name country music artists who won't say they've been influenced by the star in one way or another. So it was no big surprise to hear that star was one of 2021's CMT Artists of the Year, earning himself the prestigious Artist of a Lifetime award.

A slew of names in the country music world have been quick to cite Travis as one of their biggest influences, including the one and only Garth Brooks. "I think he single-handedly saved country music in the '80s and for country music to follow from there," Brooks gushed of Travis during an Amazon Music livestream gig in November 2020. "I know I'm one of the benefactors for Randy Travis coming when he did," he added. And in a touching full circle moment, it's Brooks who has the honor of handing over Travis' Artist of a Lifetime award after years of praising the legend.

While Travis has been a beacon for both country music's established and up-and-coming stars over the years, there's no doubt he's not exactly had a squeaky clean life outside of the spotlight — and his fluctuating financial situation hasn't been kept a secret, either.

But just how much is Randy Travis actually worth today, and what's going on with his turbulent finances? Let's take a deep dive.

Randy Travis' net worth

Randy Travis has a net worth of around $9 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Much of that (of course) is from his incredibly lengthy career in country music, with the star spending decades as one of the biggest names in the industry. Travis has released a jaw-dropping 20 albums over the course of his career, selling more than 25 million copies. The star has also received pretty much every big award going, from Grammys to ACMs to CMAs. He even has his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

But it's not just through music where Travis made millions. He has also enjoyed a career as an actor, appearing in "Touched by an Angel" as well as popping up in a slew of other TV shows including, "Matlock" and "Still the King." He's also a familiar face on the big screen, with roles in "The Rainmaker" and "Texas Rangers."

But while $9 million is an impressive sum for anyone, it may seem a little low for someone who's spent decades at the top of his game and for a man Fox 17 WZTV Nashville once claimed had racked up a whopping $25 million in record sales alone. Garth Brooks, for example, has a net worth estimated to be upwards of $400 million (via Celebrity Net Worth). So, what happened to Travis' fortune?

Losing millions

Despite his still impressive net worth, it's been reported that Randy Travis may have lost millions. Taste of Country noted in 2019 that the country music legend has seen much of his fortune drained by "misplaced trust, bad bookkeeping, and medical bills," as Travis wrongfully believed he'd saved plenty of money during his marriage to his former manager, Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis — only to find it wasn't there.

Randy and his second wife, Mary Travis, discussed the situation in an interview with the outlet, with Randy nodding his head when the interviewer questioned if his finances were still in "a dire situation." Though Randy has found it difficult to communicate verbally following his stroke, the star nodded, noting that he had to continue working in the wake of his serious health scare due to a lack of savings.

"I think that is part of the story of Randy Travis that a lot of people don't know," Ken Abraham, the author of Travis' book, "Forever and Ever, Amen: A Memoir of Music, Faith, and Braving the Storms of Life," told Taste of Country. "They think that just because Randy has had such great success in the music business ... that he's just rolling in money and never has to have a concern. That's just not the way the music business works," he added, pointing out Travis was hoping his book would translate into financial gain.

Health issues

Randy Travis had a serious health scare in July 2013 that saw him hospitalized for month after it was discovered by doctors that he'd suffered a stroke. The incident was so serious that Randy's fiancée at the time, Mary Travis, faced the difficult decision of potentially taking him off of life support, though she told Everyday Health that she asked an unconscious Randy about the decision and noticed a tear fall from his eye, which is when she knew he wasn't ready to pass away.

Thankfully, the star pulled through but had months of tough rehabilitation and physical therapy to overcome, which cost a serious amount of cash. Mary discovered after Randy's health scare that he did not have a disability insurance policy, with Taste of Country reporting he initially thought his voice had been insured too.

"I was under the impression that such an insurance policy existed at some point in my career, but where was it now?" Randy asked in his 2019 memoir, "Forever and Ever, Amen: A Memoir of Music, Faith, and Braving the Storms of Life." He added, "My lack of attention to financial matters and my misplaced trust in individuals whom I had thought had my best interests came back to bite me — hard."

Real estate ventures

As for what Randy Travis has spent the millions he's earned during his career on, well, the country music superstar is no stranger to a fancy pad. 

In July 2019, amid his highly reported financial issues in the wake of his stroke, Variety reported that he had put his Nashville condo on the market. The site claimed that Travis took a small hit on the asking price, raking in $545,000 for the property in Music City, around $5,000 less than he initially asked for. The stunning property was reported to be around 1,800 square feet, with three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

But that's far from the only lavish property the "I Told You So" singer has had to his name. He was reported in 2019 to have at least one more property in Tioga, Texas, with plenty of land. Variety claimed Travis had a 9,000-square-foot mansion there on what he calls Chrysalis Ranch.

Before that, Travis was the proud owner of a huge ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico that had a very hefty price tag. Mountain Living reported in 2014 that he put that sprawling 8,750-square-foot home on 220 acres on the market for $14.7 million. The stunning property literally had plenty of very fancy extras, including a home gym and even a bowling alley.

Randy Travis cut off his dad

Randy Travis and Mary Travis aren't the only ones speaking out about the country star's financial situation. Randy's dad, Harold Traywick, also had a lot to say about his money in a 2012 interview with National Enquirer in which he claimed Randy was no longer supporting him financially while also making shocking allegations against Mary.

"Randy has always let his women run his life — and they want to keep him away from his family so they can get their hands on his money," Traywick claimed, alleging that the two fell out after he had told Randy he believed Mary was with him for his money. He also said that Randy's decision to cut him off came at a dire time, telling the outlet, "I'm dead broke and about to lose the house I lived in for 72 years."

But their financial squabble didn't mean he wanted to lose contact with his son. "I would like to have a relationship with him before I pass on. But Randy's not interested. It's heartbreaking," he said.

As for what Randy had to say about it all? A spokesperson for the star hit back in a statement that claimed Traywick's comments were "sadly another step in the process of Randy Travis being abused by his father. Randy has generously supported his dad with money and gifts well in excess of $1 million. Yet, no matter how much he has done, it hasn't been enough."

Legal troubles

Randy Travis doesn't exactly have the cleanest rap sheet and was forced to pay out after some run-ins with the law. Back in 2012, Randy had to part with thousands over drunk driving charges after being pulled over for driving under the influence in Texas, paying a $21,500 bail (via Pop Culture). This particular arrest also saw the star fined $2,000 after he pleaded guilty, as well as being slapped with a 180-day suspended sentence. Travis had to spend a month in a clinic to get help for his alcohol addiction while undergoing 100 hours of community service (via Sky News).

Following his arrest, Travis announced that he was sober after giving up alcohol. His lawyer, Larry Friedman, revealed to TMZ that he'd "eliminated alcohol from his daily life" and had been working out to get into "the best shape of his life." 

Travis' decision came after multiple run-ins with the law, while he's also gotten candid about his past drug abuse. "We were well known in that area, not in a good way, for sure. I got into the drug thing, I totaled two motorcycles, and I got in at least 30 fights," he told CBN. "The verse in the Bible that says, 'He shall give His angels charge over you to protect you.' That in itself tells me that verse is very true because I should have been killed a long time ago."

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Sued by his ex

Randy Travis' love life may also be to blame for a sticky financial situation, as the star has seen himself sued by his former wife amid some serious financial tension. According to E! News, Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis, who previously served as Travis' manager, took the country legend to court in 2012 after she alleged they had an agreement about her managerial position following their split that he apparently hadn't lived up to.

Hatcher-Travis alleged Travis had ended their contract without giving her prior warning, even claiming that her former husband turned up at her office with several men — one of whom was allegedly armed — who took away business records and other property. Those claims were denied by Travis' legal team, who hit back by saying, "It is unfortunate that it's come to this. We believe the lawsuit lacks merit and that we have legal defenses to her claims."

Travis later filed a countersuit regarding the claims, in which he alleged that he did not owe his former wife a penny because of the leak of "personal and confidential information" (via E! News). Travis' countersuit also accused Hatcher-Travis of filing for "intentional and reckless" expenditures that he paid for.

Randy Travis wasn't born into money

Though Randy Travis has been honest about his mishandling of his finances, there's no doubt he did an impressive job making the millions in the first place. Travis held down a number of very ordinary jobs before becoming one of country's most famous singers, initially taking on a very different role in the country music world before making it big.

Travis moved to Tennessee with Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis in the early 1980s. While there, he took on a job as a cook and dishwasher in The Nashville Palace nightclub, which is not too far from Opryland USA theme park (Travis went on to become one of the most beloved members of the Grand Ole Opry, even inviting Carrie Underwood to become a member in 2008). In a snap shared to the restaurant's Facebook, Travis even threw on his old work clothes while celebrating the 90th birthday party of Nashville businessman John A. Hobbs.

Hatcher-Travis landed a job at the Nashville Palace when they first headed to Music City together, which also allowed Travis the chance to perform shows at the venue alongside his, erm, less glamorous job behind the scenes.

From $0 to $9 million

Randy Travis and Mary Travis haven't been afraid to get candid about their finances, recalling a particularly difficult time before they married when Randy realized the seriousness of his financial situation. The two spoke openly about Randy's divorce from Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis in a 2020 interview with Cowboys & Indians, in which the two recalled how Randy trusted her completely prior to their split, only to discover in the wake of their divorce that he had a bank account with literally nothing left in it.

"The first time Randy asked about his finances, one of his accounts was empty," Mary said, speaking for Randy following his stroke. As Randy nodded his head, he showed off a zero symbol with his hand and added, "Zero!"

Saving Country Music noted that Randy tried desperately to find out what had happened to his money, only to discover that his investment accounts were "gone," apparently being moved or sold off. The outlet also claimed that Hatcher-Travis had allegedly used all of the couple's frequent flyer miles, seemingly using them to take a Christmas vacation. It was reported that Hatcher-Travis made 25% of Randy's incomings during her many years as his manager.