Why Hasn't Scheana Shay's Fiance Spoken To His Kids In Four Years?

Scheana Shay hasn't had an easy time of it when it comes to love. When she first appeared on "Vanderpump Rules" in Season 1, her main claim to fame was spending two years as Brandi Glanville's now-ex-husband's mistress. After getting out of that mess, she started dating Michael Shay, a high school friend. By Season 2, they were engaged. The following season she was married, and a few years later, she filed for divorce. Then she had a string of failed relationships — until she met Brock Davies. The pair started dating, and before long, Scheana was pregnant. Soon, Scheana became a new mom and was happily engaged to Brock.

It seemed like she'd finally found her happily ever after — until Brock's past came back to haunt them. In a recent episode of "Vanderpump Rules," it was revealed that Brock has two kids back in his native Australia, and he hasn't seen them in four years. The reasons behind the separation are surprising, to say the least.

Brock Davies claims drama with his ex-wife prevents him from even talking to his oldest kids

During a recent episode of "Vanderpump Rules," Scheana Shay and Brock Davies addressed the rumors that he hasn't seen his two eldest children in four years. According to Brock and Scheana, Brock's ex wife essentially cut him out of the kids' lives after he moved to America. Brock is reportedly so far removed from the kids that he isn't even able to FaceTime them, let alone visit them.

"Me and my ex, we had two beautiful kids," he said during a confessional, per Page Six. "We split up, and she felt like I abandoned her and the kids by coming to America. She moved on with the kids' stepdad, who then fulfilled the role of being a dad for my kids."

Scheana did her best to defend Brock, claiming that though he'd tried to remain close to his kids, it was primarily his ex's fault for keeping him away. Scheana also added that his ex was furious they named their daughter Summer, because the daughter she shares with Brock was already named Winter.

Try as she might have her man's back, it wasn't enough to stop "Vanderpump Rules" viewers from roasting Brock on Twitter. "Brock hasn't seen his kids in 4 years??? But he's the best dad in the world?? Scheana, baby, this s*** ain't adding up," wrote one fan. Another user simply tweeted, "There's so many red flags with Brock." Yikes.