Which CNN Anchor Just Had A Brain Tumor Removed?

We rely on our news anchors to bring us all the latest breaking news — be it good or bad — but sometimes they end up becoming the news themselves. Plenty of the nation's most notable anchors across all the major channels have had to deliver updates on themselves at one time or another, sometimes sharing tragic health updates with the world.

One of the most notable comes from NBC's Hoda Kotb, who has been very open about her experience with breast cancer after her gynaecologist discovered lumps in her breast.

Kotb's "Today" co-star, Al Roker, has also shared health updates of his own, sharing in November 2020 that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Roker kept fans updated on his recovery before returning to the morning show that same month after undergoing surgery.

Then there are those equally touching stories of anchors who are actually being helped by their expert viewers, including the story of for WFLA Tampa Bay's Victoria Price. Price discovered she had cancer after a viewer noticed a lump on her body while she was on air and got in contact to let her know (per Independent).

Now, a popular CNN anchor has opened up about their own health experiences, sharing that she's had major surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Kasie Hunt's benign brain tumor

CNN anchor Kasie Hunt got candid with fans in October when she shared she'd undergone an operation to take out a brain tumor, which was thankfully benign. "That was a really scary thing to learn. Once you see growth in the brain, that means that there is a tumor growing in the brain," she told People, noting doctors had to remove the growth to know what it was. "That... was really the hardest part... knowing that there was something in there, growing."

The anchor, who fans may also recognize from NBC News or MSNBC, saw medical professionals after experiencing headaches but had tests come back clear. She then had another scan a few months later, which showed her tumor.

The journalist described the ordeal as "surreal" because she was just 36 and mom to a 2 year old. She added she felt "touched by grace, and so enormously surrounded and loved by a community that's lifted [her] up in every way, medically, physically, emotionally, spiritually."

As for when viewers can see Hunt back on CNN, she shared her recovery will be around six to eight weeks, but it's not thought she has a return date set just yet ahead of the launch of CNN+. "My goal is to make sure that I spend this time getting better so that show can come out of the gate really the best it can," she said.

We're sending her all the best in her recovery.