What Did Britney Spears Just Say About Giving An Interview?

Britney Spears has been having a heck of a year. The pop star made two virtual court appearances during her conservatorship case, exposing her father and her team for taking advantage of her over the past several years. Over the summer, she scored a major victory when the judge overseeing her case granted her permission to hire her own lawyer, according to NPR. From there, things have continued looking up for Spears. At the last court hearing on September 29, Spears' father was removed from her conservatorship effective immediately, Variety reports. "I believe that the suspension is in the best interests of the conservatee. The current situation is untenable," Supreme Court Judge Brenda Penny said.

Spears is looking forward to her next hearing, which will take place on November 12. During that hearing, the judge will rule on whether or not to end the conservatorship entirely, according to Variety. If the conservatorship ends, it will mark the very first time in 13 years that Spears would have full control over her life — and her finances. On October 15, Spears took to Instagram to get candid about how she's feeling about everything. "I'll just be honest and say I've waited so long to be free from the situation I'm in ... and now that it's here I'm scared to do anything because I'm afraid I'll make a mistake," she wrote. She also mentioned giving an interview when this is all over. Keep reading to find out what she had to say.

Britney Spears suggests her family should be worried

If and when Britney Spears chooses to speak out — on her terms in her own words — about what's gone on in her life, it may be one of the most watched interviews maybe ever. Spears may not have any immediate plans to talk candidly about what she has been through, but she has issued somewhat of a warning if she does. "It's no secret that I've been through it in the past ... so I might have to do things a little differently from now on!!! Lord have mercy on my family's souls if I ever do an interview," Spears wrote in the caption of an Instagram post on October 15.

Spears also seemed to make it clear that she isn't going back to work anytime soon. "I'm staying clear of the business, which is all I've ever known my whole life...which is why this is so very confusing for me," her Instagram caption continued. Whether or not Spears would actually do an interview is unknown. Back in March, a source told Entertainment Tonight that "Britney has considered speaking out about her past, mostly because she doesn't feel others should tell her story," adding, "she's always hated doing interviews but if she ever takes that step, Oprah would most likely be her first choice."