Who Is Anne Burrell's New Husband, Stuart Claxton?

Anne Burrell is a married woman! The Food Network star spoke about her wedding and shared stunning photos with People from her big day, showing her smiling from ear to ear as she posed alongside her new husband, Stuart Claxton. The happy couple met through Bumble in 2018 and got engaged around two years later in April 2020. The touching moment went down when Claxton got down on one knee while the twosome were in Burrell's New York hometown, Cazenovia, riding out the coronavirus pandemic with her family.

Fast-forward to October 2021 and the two wed in that same place, which means so much to Burrell. The star shared a stunning photo from the big day on her Instagram, tagging the location and writing in the caption, "The happiest day of my life!!! My Prince Charming..." She also tagged Claxton's account and added the hashtags "#luckygirl" and "#ilovewhatido."

But don't expect the two to be jetting out of New York to somewhere tropical just yet. "The thought of having a wedding up here, then getting home, turning around and going somewhere else is just so overwhelming to me," Burrell explained of why they didn't plan on having a honeymoon just yet. "So I'm very happy to just have some home time, and enjoy newlywed bliss at home for a little while," she added.

But just who is the man Burrell is enjoying some "newlywed bliss" with at home?

Stuart Claxton's job

Though Anne Burrell is recognizable to fans all over the world thanks to her appearances on The Food Network shows such as "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef" and "Worst Cooks in America," her new husband Stuart Claxton may not be quite as recognizable to most people.

Claxton actually works in ad sales marketing at Univision (per People) and is a father of one. Claxton has been married once before, and had his 16-year-old son, Javier, be his best man at his wedding to Burrell. Per Factual Ideas, Claxton also knows his now wife's home state of New York well, as he relocated there from London in 2002 to work for Guinness World Records.

It sounds like Claxton is pretty close to his new wife's family too, as he got a little help from her mom to propose as they spent time with her family during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. "My mom and Stuart got together and made a plan," Burrell explained of the proposal to People. "She set up a beautiful table in her apartment and we just planned a dinner for the two of us." Aww!

Claxton keeps his private life a little more personal and has his Instagram account set to private with a snap of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill as his profile picture. Burrell is a little more forthcoming on her own Instagram though, regularly sharing sweet loved-up snaps with her now husband.

Congrats to the happy couple!