How Hollywood's Obsession With Princess Diana Has No End In Sight

It seems there has been an obsession with Princess Diana, ever since she started dating Prince Charles. Things kicked into high gear when the pair got engaged, and their royal wedding was watched by more than 750 million people, according to the Independent. People all over the globe admired Diana and emulated her style, as she made a very early mark on the world. Following her tragic death in 1997, the general obsession got a Hollywood makeover, and several documentaries and films have since been created in an effort to quench the thirst of those who simply can't get enough of the People's Princess. However, the thirst never seems to go away.

Now, 20-something years after her death, television shows and films about Diana's life are still being created. According to Insider, 12 actors have taken on the role of Lady Di since 1982, the most recent being Kristen Stewart in the film "Spencer," which is slated for release on November 5. "Princess Diana is an iconic figure, and her iconicity was enhanced through her death," author Pauline Maclaran told Elle Canada in 2017. Even long after her death, the world still keeps Diana's memory alive. "She's now seen as the grandmother she would have been and for her charitable works," Maclaran added. 

And it doesn't seem like Hollywood's obsession with Lady Di will end anytime soon. Keep reading to find out why.

Princess Diana's story still brings in big money

As Princess Diana's boys get older, it seems that many wonder how she would feel about the decisions that they've made. Many are also curious to know how Diana would have been as a grandmother, and would have loved to see her hands-on with her five grandchildren. "We've never been able to get enough of this woman," Boston University history professor Arianne Chernock told USA Today. It seems obvious, perhaps, that Hollywood is still able to cash-in on Diana's life — and her death — so the television shows and films will continue being made. 

In an interview with USA Today, British journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti explained that one of the main reasons that Prince Harry received such a hefty pay day for his memoir was because he will more than likely feature stories about his mother on its inside pages. It seems that, as long as people keep buying Diana's story, so to speak, Hollywood will keep on selling. "Diana's image can still bring in the bucks, even all these years after her death," Sacerdoti pointed out.