Fans Are Freaking Out About Christina Aguilera's New Music. Here's Why

It's an exciting time for Christina Aguilera fans, as she is gearing up to release new music.

During a July chat with TooFab, the "Fighter" hitmaker revealed she has plans of releasing two new albums — one in English and another in Spanish. "I've always kind of inserted different styles within my albums," Aguilera said, adding, "The last record kind of explored me coming out of a time where I was feeling like I was coming out of a place where I wasn't so happy and I wanted to rediscover who I was as an artist and being able to do that again ... now I'm in really great place." The singer noted that both albums are going to be "two different feels."

This will be Aguilera's second Spanish album, as her first, titled "Mi Reflejo," came out in 2000. In promotion of her album's release, Aguilera told Billboard in June about why she decided to embrace her Ecuadorian roots. "My message, as in all my music, stands for being fearless to explore who you are. It's never too late to open a new door. Although it's scary to dive into territory that isn't your first language, it still doesn't erase who I am and how I want to express myself in all aspects of what intrigues and inspires me," she explained. 

Aguilera has officially updated the public about her Spanish music once again — and her fans have something to say about it. 

Christina Aguilera's announcement has Spanish-speaking fans ecstatic

Fans may have waited 21 years for new Spanish music from Christina Aguilera, but the wait is nearly over. According to a tweet from the "Ain't No Other Man" hitmaker on October 18, she has a new single titled "Pa' Mis Muchachas" coming out on October 22. The song will feature fellow Latin singers Becky G, Nicki Nicole, and Nathy Peluso. 

Aguilera also took to Twitter to share a video clip that teased the track and showcased a potential music video on October 19. "¡En tres días! The countdown has begun...I am proud to reveal mi primera canción from a body of work that lives so closely to my heart," she wrote. "And these beautiful, strong and talented women are joining forces with me for this first Guaracha @iambeckyg @NathyPeluso @naikinai19." Guaracha is a genre of music that originated in Spain and became popular in Cuba, per All Around This World

Aguilera's fans — also referred to as "Fighters" — took to the same social media platform to express their excitement. "you can tell by the clip that the #PaMisMuchachas music video is gonna be high production sh*t! It's what ma girl deserves!" one user tweeted. "LATINS QUEENS ARE COMING," another person passionately shared. "Impatiently waiting for @xtina to drop a bop on Friday," a third fan remarked. This is certainly one song we are going to check out!