Laundrie Family Lawyer Opens Up About Day Brian Left Home

The FBI confirmed on October 21 that Brian Laundrie's remains were identified, yet still, many questions remain about the tragic murder of Brian's girlfriend Gabby Petito, who was killed by strangulation. That said, now there is at least some insight into Brian's state of mind on that day in September when he left his parents house before disappearing into Florida's Carlton Reserve, where his remains were located.

On October 21, Chris and Roberta Laundrie's attorney — Steven Bertolino — made a TV appearance that raised eyebrows. Not only did he express anger during the interview, but he finally provided new details that he and his clients have long kept quiet. And the Laundrie family's silence has long been a point of frustration for the public and, of course, Petito's loved ones. they didn't even return calls or texts from Petito's worried parents. "This is about a woman [Petito] that lived in their [Laundries] house, that at one point was engaged to their son. And they won't talk to their family, they won't reach out," Joseph Petito lamented during an October 9 appearance on Dr. Phil McGraw's talk show.

Now Bertolino is speaking up, sharing new details from the last day his clients saw Laundrie.

Brian Laundrie was 'very upset' when he left

The Laundrie's family attorney Steven Bertolino told NBC News Brian Laundrie was "very upset" when he left home and that his father tried to keep him from leaving. "He wanted to walk out the door, he was entitled to walk out the door," Bertolino stated.

The lawyer for Chris and Roberta Laundrie also addressed whether his clients would reach out to Gabby Petito's family. Bertolino told NBC News, "What I can tell you is at some point in the future, there may be conversations to be had, there may be information to be discussed." He added, "Tonight is not that time...we can have future conversations of what may or may not have been done differently."

Bertolino also expressed sympathy for the Laundries, arguing how it's unfair that they've been "subjected to these people [protestors], out in front of their house for the last four weeks...making it all the more difficult." He continued, "They're grieving... leave the Laundries alone, even for one night."