Angelina Jolie Suffers An Embarrassing Mishap On The Red Carpet In Rome

Angelina Jolie's October press tour for Marvel's "Eternals" has been rife with glamorous red carpet showings for her and her children. Alongside the five of her six children who attended her Los Angeles premiere of the film — Maddox, Zahara, Vivienne, Knox, and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, per Entertainment Tonight — Jolie turned heads with her usual brand of minimalist-goddess chic. Rocking a flowing, floor-sweeping strapless dress, Jolie kept accessories simple but quirky, opting for a stack of dainty bracelets, small hoop earrings, and in true Jolie fashion, a lip cuff. (Did we know those even existed?)

But it was Zahara and Shiloh who garnered the lion's share of media attention for their outfits. The former made headlines by re-wearing Jolie's long-sleeved sparkling Oscars 2014 gown, while Shiloh, long known for more androgynous wear, wore a dress for the first time on the red carpet. In Shiloh's case, she made fashion history twice, as her summery, spaghetti-strapped tan dress was the same one her mom also wore to another function — celebrating notable beekeepers for the "Women for Bees" project at the French Apidology Observatory in July, per W magazine.

"My kids are all mixed with vintage, and in my old Oscars dress," Jolie told ET. "We did all vintage and upcycled my old stuff." While that premiere evening was undeniably a sartorial hit, Jolie's look at a different "Eternals" event has fans practically in an uproar. Here's why. 

Angelina Jolie's hair moment is (unfortunately) unforgettable

At the 16th Rome Film Festival on October 24, Angelina Jolie wowed onlookers on the red carpet in a silver and metallic custom Versace gown, per the Daily Mail. Glistening and statuesque, Jolie seemed to have scored a fashion 10/10 ... from the front, that is. A look at the back of Jolie's outfit reveals something that can ruin even the best-customized couture — an awkward weave. Seemingly wanting to extend her naturally long locks, Jolie opted to have hair extensions attached all the way down to her hips. The problem? The extensions were not blended into Jolie's hair, creating a bluntly jagged effect. 

With Twitter being Twitter, the responses to Jolie's faux hair were ... entertaining at the very least. One user stated what many of us are probably thinking, tweeting, "How do you let angelina jolie walk a red carpet with her hair extensions looking like this, somebody getting fired." A more amusing take on the individual behind HairGate 2021 wrote, "whoever did angelina's hair extensions must be a friend of jennifer's." One scathing tweet put it bluntly, "If I ever doubt my self at work in the future. I'll remind myself, atleast I didn't send Angelina Jolie down the red carpet with hair like this..." Ouch!

However, there were still fans who judged Jolie's visage as a whole, with one's glowing Twitter review of the actor's look reading, "Hair. Dimple. Dress. Face. God's favorite. Angelina. Jolie." We can't say we disagree.

Angelina Jolie was extensions-free hours before the Rome fiasco

Angelina Jolie's hair extensions faux-pas at the Rome Film Festival in Italy on October 24 might have surprised some fans following her "Eternals" press tour. Earlier that morning, the actor had appeared at Marvel's photocall for the film — alongside other fashionable co-stars like Salma Hayek and Gemma Chan — and her natural locks were on display in soft and wavy glory. Wearing her natural hair length in a subtle wave pattern over a strapless black Dolce & Gabbana number, per Elle, Jolie looked her usual brand of effortless sex appeal. 

In the shock-and-aww over her unblended extensions later that evening, one fan even made the observation a particularly astute observation via Twitter: "She didn't need those extensions, to be honest. How did you mess up her hair when it was gloriously bouncy and sexy that morning before?" We can safely say that's a mystery most of us want to get to the bottom of.

Angelina Jolie probably prefers you discuss her film, not her hair

While Angelina Jolie is no stranger to her and her family's fashion hits and misses dominating a press cycle, it can be easy to forget that she's wearing these clothes and hairdos because she is promoting Marvel's "Eternals." Speaking to Elle for its "Women in Hollywood" issue in October, Jolie made it clear the project itself was one dear to her, not least for featuring a strong female cast that includes Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, and Lauren Ridloff. "A lot of times as an actress, you're that individual strong woman, or you have one sister; you don't often have this family where you really get to know women and see all the different strengths," Jolie explained of the female cast's roles in the film. "Gemma's grace and elegance and the way she walks through the world. Salma's motherhood and power, and Lauren's connection and intelligence. Everybody came as themselves. Maybe there's something to that, that the characters weren't as far off [from ourselves]." 

Jolie credited their Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao for perhaps knowing her cast's individual strengths and casting accordingly, saying, "If you look at her films, she casts a lot of real people as their roles and it shapes her films." With "Eternals" continuing to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans are definitely in for a ride — especially with Jolie and co. in tow.