Can Queen Elizabeth Handle A Royal Event Alone Anymore?

Queen Elizabeth II has seen it all during her nearly 70-year reign. From her 1965 visit to Germany, to the "Megxit" debacle, the queen has played a crucial role in some of history's most important moments. Moreover, the 95-year-old will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee in 2022, which honors her 70th anniversary in power — a feat accomplished by no other.

But, as she quickly approaches this momentous occasion, it's hard not to question how Her Majesty is holding up. After a recent health scare, Queen Elizabeth was hospitalized for "preliminary investigations" (per the Daily Mail) before being discharged. She was also spotted with a walking cane at the Royal British Legion centenary. As these events began to snowball, royal officials have, in turn, become more "ruthless" with the queen's scheduling, attempting to cut out any unnecessary events from her packed calendar (per the Daily Mail).

With her health in question and royal officials taking a more hands-on approach with her schedule, one has to wonder: Can Queen Elizabeth handle a royal event alone anymore?

Solo events are off the table for Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II is no longer allowed to make public appearances on her own, according to a new report from The Telegraph. The outlet notes that, instead of appearing by her lonesome, the queen will be accompanied by either her children or grandchildren for future public appearances. The news comes as the queen "reluctantly" canceled a trip to Northern Ireland at the last minute based on "medical advice to rest for the next few days" (per Page Six).

Being accompanied by her kin will allow for Queen Elizabeth to subvert public disappointment in canceling events at the last minute. As for her family members? With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle settling into their new life in California, Prince William and Kate Middleton are the only working royals left of their generation. "If there is any way they can support Her Majesty on her engagements, they will," an unnamed source told The Telegraph. "They are both keen to provide any support they can."

As for Queen Elizabeth, she is currently back at Windsor Castle, taking on "light duties," as the outlet notes. Perhaps she will bide her time with late-night viewings of "Line of Duty" as she gears up for her next big event!