Celebrity Family Feud Season 8 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

"Celebrity Family Feud" has been a fan-favorite since 2008, bringing together the iconic game show "Family Feud" and Hollywood celebrities for seven seasons so far.

The original "Family Feud" first premiered in 1976 with host Richard Dawson. The show was a hit, as families across the country played along at home, watching ordinary families compete for a big prize by answering everyday questions (via Today). More than 30 years later, ABC tested out what would happen if the super-famous answered those everyday questions, and the answer was hilarity. From Kathy Lee Gifford to 2 Chainz to the cast of "Selling Sunset," a variety of celebs have hit the stage with "Family Feud" host Steve Harvey to compete for charity and embarrass themselves for the entertainment of millions of viewers.

Lucky for the series creators, the ultra-famous actors, athletes, and reality stars that have signed up to be "Celebrity Family Feud" contestants jumped at the opportunity as fans of the show themselves, including actor Rob Lowe who surprised his wife Sheryl Berkoff in Season 7. "The producers were telling me this — they said it was your birthday, it was your whole dream you wanted to be on the show, so Rob made it happen," Harvey said to Lowe's wife as she walked out in shock she was in the middle of a game show. So, which famous family will make their own dreams come true in Season 8? We'll have to wait and see, but read on for all the details we do know.

When will Season 8 of Celebrity Family Feud premiere?

Season 7 of "Celebrity Family Feud" premiered in June of 2021, and capped off the season with the cast of "Bling Empire" in September. While ABC has not confirmed if "Celebrity Family Feud" will be back for Season 8, fans will be happy to know there is no official cancellation of the series either.

If ratings are any indication of "Celebrity Family Feud"'s future, Season 7 saw 4.66 million viewers tune in, according to TV Series Finale. The high ratings, however, were down 10% in comparison to Season 6.

The hold-up on a Season 8 announcement could also be due to host of "Celebrity Family Feud" Steve Harvey's busy schedule. The comedian is rumored to be working on an entirely new show titled "Judge Steve Harvey," according to Cinema Blend. The upcoming comedy series will feature Harvey as a judge for unscripted, hour-long episodes to air on ABC in 2022. The new venture is on top of Harvey's radio show and duties as host of "Family Feud." 

Who will star in Celebrity Family Feud Season 8?

While fans await Steve Harvey's schedule to clear up, they may remember the "Think Like A Man" star wasn't the first to spearhead "Celebrity Family Feud." Back in 2008, when the first season of the celeb-filled game show premiered, the series was hosted by "Today" show host and weatherman Al Roker, according to Today. Roker's stint at "Celebrity Family Feud" host lasted just one season, as the series didn't see a TV return until 2015 with new host Steve Harvey.

"You've got to be careful because you're dealing with some pretty big egos when talking to celebrities," admitted Harvey to TV Insider about his "Celebrity Family Feud" duties. "Celebrities really have a problem coming across as normal people, especially when they get something wrong. A lot of the questions on 'Family Feud' are such regular-person questions, and a lot of celebrities are so out of touch." Harvey continued, "I'm supposed to coddle them, but I don't really know how to do that, so it makes it even funnier."

The comedian revealed the secret to his hosting success was his ability to connect with people, especially his famous friends. The actor revealed in a press conference, his favorites are NFL players. "I think people weren't expecting these big guys, these world class athletes to be as good as they were," admitted Harvey (via BlackStreet TV). Read on to find out which athlete was the host's favorite TV moment.

Steve Harvey's favorite moment from Celebrity Family Feud

In an interview with E!'s "Daily Pop," host of "Celebrity Family Feud" Steve Harvey finally caved and admitted his favorite moment thus far hosting the game show. "One of the NFL players [Vernon Davis]—and I think we had to edit it out because it got a little bit too crazy—the question was, 'Name a word that starts with strip,'" the comedian began, retelling the hilarious moment. "The answers were strip mall, strip tease ... This dude said 'per ... Strip per."

While Harvey revealed in the E! Interview that he wasn't quite ready to give up his spot as host of "Celebrity Family Feud," if he were to ever compete as the celeb himself, he'd hope to be up against fellow comedian Kevin Hart. While fans await the possible Hart vs. Harvey episode, they can fill up the time with old clips from seasons past. 

One moment in "Celebrity Family Feud" history that caught the eyes of social media was the Kardashians vs. Wests episodes, when reality star Kim Kardashian ditched her famous family to join then-husband Kanye West's family and compete against her own sisters. "That's all we do, every single night. We just watch 'Family Feud,'" revealed the SKIMS owner (via The Washington Post). "Gotta have the 'Feud!" added the rapper. "It's always been Yeezy's dream to play Fast Money," claimed Harvey in the episode, with Kim admitting, "I practice this in my bedroom every single night."