The Real Meaning Behind Camila Cabello's 'Oh Na Na' Ft. Myke Towers & Tainy

Camila Cabello is gearing up to release her upcoming third solo album, "Familia." Though the exact release date has yet to be announced, the project is expected to drop by the end of the year — and it is set to include recently-released songs such as "Don't Go Yet." In a July interview with Apple Music's "New Music Daily," Cabello explained the meaning behind the title.

"I want it to be that kind of family affair selfishly, because it would make me happy," Cabello told host Zane Lowe. "It would make my life better and that's what I want, so that's really what I was trying to manifest with this whole album." While working on the album during quarantine, the singer spent a lot of time with her family (and boyfriend Shawn Mendes) in Florida — a place that helped connect her to her Cuban roots.

"I think being in Miami for so long and having more family around me and speaking Spanish more made me feel, I don't know, just kind of brought me back," the "Havana" singer continued. "I think my roots went deeper in a way that I really needed. And I think this album for me was a manifestation." 

As the album's title may suggest, the forthcoming project will include a fusion of English and Spanish lyrics. Case in point: Cabello's latest single, "Oh Na Na."

Liquid courage has Camila Cabello feeling 'mighty' on Oh Na Na

For her latest single, "Oh Na Na," Camila Cabello joined forces with two Puerto Ricans artists — rapper Myke Towers and producer Tainy. The uptempo song sees Towers rapping in Spanish, with Cabello switching between Spanish and English.

In her verse, for example, Cabello sings about feeling confident and risqué, thanks to some liquid courage. "Feelin' kinda mighty, ya, ya, ya / Go ahead and bite me, rah, rah, rah," she sings on the track. "Rum and cola to take you over, na, na, na / Tell me that you want this / La, la, la." Later on in the song, the former Fifth Harmony member dabbles into Spanish rap.

"Quédate cerquita como enero de febrero / Yo te quiero pegadito, dale bésame bonito," Cabello rhymes. This specific line translates to "Stay close like January to February / I want you pressed up against me, go ahead kiss me," per Genius. Clearly, she is all into the guy she is singing about. Meanwhile, Towers raps that music is a universal language ("La música e' un lenguaje universal"), and reminisces about meeting the girl in question on a hot New York summer. "Recuerdo la vez que te conocí fue en un verano en Nueva York." 

Not long after "Oh Na Na" dropped on October 29, fans reacted to the song on social media — and they're obsessed with it.

Camila Cabello fans are obsessed with the singer rapping in Spanish

Fans on social media seems to be loving Camila Cabello's new song, "Oh Na Na." In particular, Cabello stans seem to be totally here for Spanish rap verse. "camila cabello rapping in spanish for oh na na just gives me that buzz," one fan tweeted. "I am a straight female but Camila Cabello rapping in Spanish is so sexy," a second fan gushed. "I am really digging everything about Oh Na Na! (And that actually surprised me a little because I didn't expect that!) But this song is [fire emoji]."

Others think Cabello's Spanish singing sounds so good that she should release more bilingual songs. "dear @Camila_Cabello, you should sing more in spanish signed by: your fans," a third fan added. Though it's unclear if the singer's upcoming album "Familia" will include more Spanish songs, what's certain is that "Oh Na Na" is a hit. 

According to Chart Data, Cabello's newest singled racked up 1.092 million streams on Spotify in one day.