Are The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Plans In Trouble Due To Her Health?

Queen Elizabeth has been advised by her doctors to rest for two more weeks, according to BBC News. The 95-year-old monarch has been forced to cancel two trips, and any official appearances since her health became a concern in mid-October. While it is unclear exactly what may be going on with the queen, statements from the palace have ensured the public that she is in "good spirits." The latest update from the palace, provided at the end of October, read: "The doctors have advised that Her Majesty can continue to undertake light, desk-based duties during this time, including some virtual audiences, but not to undertake any official visits."

Meanwhile, those who have spoken to the queen seem to have nothing but positive things to report. "I spoke to Her Majesty as I do every week as part of my job and she was on very good form," Prime Minister Boris Johnson told ITV News (via Fox News). And while the palace has not been very forthcoming in regard to what, exactly, is going on with the queen, any and all of her upcoming plans seem to be in question — including her Platinum Jubilee. Keep reading to find out more.

Queen Elizabeth will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee in June 2022

Plans for Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee have been underway for months now, but her recent health concerns have caused some uncertainty when it comes to the event. "The fact of the queen missing the COP26 summit this weekend is very significant. There are suspicions she is really quite unwell and that we are not being told the whole truth, so the biggest question of all is whether there actually will be a jubilee next year," former government minister told the Daily Beast

According to Express, there already seems to be a plan in place to ensure that the queen is not only able to attend her own Platinum Jubilee, but that she's not stressed out by the proceedings to get there. "She's going to be 96, so you have to be very careful not to exhaust her," royal historian Hugo Vickers told the outlet. Vickers pointed out that the queen's Golden Jubilee took place 20 years ago, so things do look different this time around — regardless of the queen's current health concerns. He explained that there were two understood rules during the planning of the Golden Jubilee. "One was 'you must not bore the public' and two, 'you must not kill the Queen,'" he said. "In other words you've got to make it fun for everybody and you mustn't exhaust her," he explained. This advice must still in place for the 2022 event, to ensure that the queen doesn't feel overwhelmed, and that her health remains the top priority.