Where Are The Members Of S Club 7 Today?

As a wise septet from the United Kingdom once sang, "There ain't no party like an S Club Party!" S Club 7, the aforementioned seven-piece pop group, was one of the UK's top-charting groups in the early 2000's. With hits including "Don't Stop Movin,'" "Reach," and "Never Had A Dream Come True," the band — composed of Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O'Meara, Hannah Spearitt, Rachel Stevens, and the late Paul Cattermole — made their mark across music, television, and more for millions of millennials worldwide. 

The group was founded in 1998 by former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller and they made their television debut with "S Club 7 In Miami" accompanied by its theme song — and the band's first U.S. single — "Bring It All Back." From there came three more albums, additional shows and films, and global tours before Cattermole left the group in 2002 and the rest of S Club disbanded a year later.  In 2014, the cheerful pop act reunited for their first appearance together in 11 years for a UK charity performance – a reunion tour followed a year later before the group split again to pursue solo acts. 

By 2023, 25 years after their debut, the group announced another reunion tour across the UK to celebrate their milestone anniversary. But just weeks later, Cattermole was found dead in his home aged 46. Despite the trials and tragedies that the group has faced over the past quarter century, their everlasting impact on pop music and culture is beloved by their millions of fans worldwide. Even as individuals, the members have made names for themselves that help their collective star shine bright.

Tina Barrett got fired up

After S Club 7's initial breakup in 2003, Tina Barrett, a classically trained dancer, shared that she wanted to pursue a solo career. However, Barrett's aspirations as a lone wolf didn't kick start properly until the 2012 release of her single "Fire." "I needed time out from the industry," Barrett shared with Music Eyez. "I was offered a lot of things but decided that they weren't right for me ... I wasn't sure about going solo at the start. I was writing for others and it seemed to make sense. [This single] may not get massive critical acclaim but I am doing it for me." 

Prior to touring across the UK with S Club 7 in 2015, Barrett continued performing with band members Jo O'Meara and Bradley McIntosh as "S Club 3." Later, the trio continued doing dates together between 2017 and 2019. A year later, O'Meara left the group and was later replaced by former S Club Juniors member Stacey Franks. The sub-group was renamed "S Club Allstars." Apart from her Club duties, Barrett has continued to release solo music, including "All Fired Up" and "Mwah Mwah," in 2016 and 2020, respectively.

In 2016, Barrett's family grew when she welcomed son Roman with her then-partner Paul Cashmore. By 2019, the two had split. "I guess people change. You have to put the work in for a relationship and, unfortunately, sometimes that doesn't happen," Barrett told OK! Magazine (via Daily Mail).

Jon Lee became a West End star

S Club 7's youngest member, Jon Lee, took to the stage after the band's split in 2003. That same year, Lee tread the boards as Marius in a West End production of "Les Miserables" in London. "It's something I've always wanted to do, and it has been a dream of my dad's for me to play Marius," he shared with Playbill. "The opportunity to play the part coincided with S Club finishing, so it was very well-timed as far as I was concerned." Lee continued to appear on stage throughout the '00s and '10s in shows including "Jersey Boys," "Aladdin," and "Cinderella." He also made his mark on screen in the BBC's "The Sound of Musicals" and the animated "Famous 5: On the Case" for Disney. The singer's music career has never been far from him, either; he released his debut album "Fallen Angel" in 2013.

In his personal life, Lee came out as gay during a 2010 interview with the UK's "Gay Times" (via Advocate). As he told the outlet, it was never something he felt he had to hide. However, nobody ever publicly asked him about it, either. "I've never felt the need to leap out of the closet singing and dancing about it," he explained. "I've always known I was gay, from a very young age." In 2018, he appeared on the ITV television show "Dinner Date: Celebrity Special," where all three of his dates didn't initially recognize him from his S Club fame.

Hannah Spearritt hit up Hollywood

After S Club 7 split, Hannah Spearritt shifted her focus to acting. As well as landing roles in several BBC dramas and films like "Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London" and "Seed of Chucky," she also had a recurring role in the ITV show "Primeval" for five seasons. In 2017, she joined the cast of the popular British soap opera "EastEnders" for seven episodes. Despite reuniting with her fellow S Clubbers in 2015 for their "Bring It All Back" reunion tour, Spearritt has said that being a pop star comes second for her. "Acting's got more longevity and you get to play more characters ... It's more fun!" she shared in an interview on "Loose Women."

In her personal life, Spearritt shared a romantic relationship with her late S Club partner Paul Cattermole — albeit a secret one at first. "There was a six-month period where we were sneaking around, going to each other's apartment[s] ... To be fair, [the others] probably all knew anyway," Spearritt shared with The Sun Showbiz. The two were together for five years, before breaking up in 2006.  

Spearritt later dated her "Primeval" co-star Andrew Lee Potts from 2008 to 2013, before moving on with her partner Adam Thomas that same year. During a break with the nutritionist, she and Cattermole briefly rekindled their romance in 2015, before she ultimately got back together with Thomas. By 2023, she had welcomed two daughters with him. 

Bradley McIntosh established his own company

In the years after S Club 7's initial split, Bradley McIntosh focused on establishing himself as a solo artist while still paying tribute to his pop band roots. In 2006, he appeared on the U.K. series "Totally Boyband," which brought together other pop stars to create the group, Upper Street. Joining McIntosh in the now-defunct group were Dane Bowers from Another Level, Danny Wood from New Kids on the Block, Lee Latchford-Evans of Steps, and Jimmy Constable of 911. That same year, they released the single, "The One." 

He also continued performing alongside his fellow S Club members, including the 2015 "Bring It All Back" reunion tour. He continued to bring the "S Club Party" with Jo O'Meara and the late Paul Cattermole, who was eventually replaced by Tina Barrett, in S Club 3, also known as S Club Allstars. "[The fans and I] have all grown up together," he shared in an interview with Campus Television Network (CTN). "... I was 17 when the band started ... Seeing some of our fans who ... [are] all now in their early twenties, drunk, singing the songs, it's great!"

McIntosh has also spun his experience as a performer into a business and founded Citi Boy Entertainment, where he writes and produces songs for both himself and other artists like Sugababes member, Mutya Buena. In 2017, McIntosh also welcomed his son Kairo into the world. Suffice it to say, he quickly became a frequent staple of his dad's Instagram page. Aw.

Rachel Stevens continued to win sexiest woman alive

Rachel Stevens found success post-S Club as a solo artist. She released her first solo single, "Sweet Dreams My LA Ex," and her debut album "Funky Dory" in 2003. The song hit number two on the UK charts, while the album was certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). Her second solo album, "Come and Get It," was released in 2005. Stevens also moved into the reality TV spectrum, making appearances as a contestant on "Strictly Come Dancing" (the UK equivalent of "Dancing with the Stars") in 2008 and as a coach on "The Voice of Ireland" in 2014. "It will be interesting to combine [my band and solo careers] and the things I've learned from my career and pass them along, and nurture talent [on this show]," she shared in her intro video on the show. Yet, she's always returned to her S Club roots, in both their 2015 and 2023 reunions.

As far as her personal life goes, her family may be her biggest success. She and her now ex-husband, Alex Bourne, welcomed two daughters together, Amelie and Minnie. After the birth of her second daughter, Stevens was named the Sexiest Woman of All Time by FHM. Naturally, it made the mom of two feel confident. "It's pretty damn cool!" she told OK! Magazine (via Daily Mail) in 2014. "Especially as I'd just had a baby, and at 3 AM, you're feeling very unsexy! You don't have time to eat when you've got kids!"

Jo O'Meara bounced back from controversy

Jo O'Meara went straight for a solo career after S Club 7 split in 2003, releasing the single "What Hurts The Most" (most recognizable as a Rascal Flatts cover song), which went to number 13 on the UK charts, in 2005. That same year, she released her debut album "Relentless." Later, she joined fellow S Clubbers Bradley McIntosh, the late Paul Cattermole, and Tina Barrett as S Club 3. She also continued to release solo music up until S Club's 2023 reunion announcement.

In 2007, O'Meara made a now infamous run on "Celebrity Big Brother" in the UK, during which time she was accused of racist bullying toward Bollywood actor and housemate Shilpa Shetty. The incident became an international controversy and caused O'Meara's showbiz reputation to plummet. "I am so, so sorry to everybody out there I ever offended because I never meant to hurt anybody," she shared with The Sun. "All I can do is apologize and let people know that I've learned a lot about myself. I'm a very different person today." Despite her professional struggles, O'Meara also focused on family, giving birth to a son in 2008. "[He] gave me something else to focus on and helped dig me out of the hole I was in," she told The Sun. "I just put all my energy into him." 

Paul Cattermole will be sadly missed

Paul Cattermole was the first to leave S Club 7 in 2002. "It had got to the point where things were being handled so badly, I had to go," he shared with The Guardian. After the split, he rejoined his high school rock band Skua before reuniting with S Club 7 for the 2015 "Bring It All Back" S Club reunion tour. In prior years, he had joined Jo O'Meara and Bradley McIntosh as S Club 3, performing around the UK in the mid-2000s. 

Aside from music, Cattermole also took to the stage, appearing in a UK tour production of "The Rocky Horror Show." Sadly, Cattermole experienced financial issues, having claimed that he was poorly paid during his time in S Club 7. Later, he attempted to sell his BRIT Awards on eBay to help pay his bills after going bankrupt. "I regret, in a way, how it has gone, because I was hoping to be able to sell them quietly," he said during an interview on "Loose Women."

Cattermole's personal relationship with S Club member Hannah Spearritt had a rocky history, but the two had reportedly reconciled prior to the band's 2023 reunion, per the Daily Mail. But before the group could perform together again, news broke on April 6, 2023, that Cattermole had died aged 46. The next day, S Club 7 released a statement on Twitter honoring their beloved bandmate, which read, "We were so lucky to have had him in our lives and are thankful for the amazing memories we have."