Alec Baldwin Has Something To Say About The Conditions On The Rust Set

Alec Baldwin's name has been firmly present in news headlines since October 21 when he accidentally fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on set of the production of the Western film "Rust." The "Pixie" actor allegedly did not believe that the prop gun he was holding was loaded with live ammunition and fired the gun, injuring director Joel Souza as well, according to E! Online

As the investigation continues into the events and conditions that led to the tragic shooting, Baldwin has been advised by the Santa Fe Sheriff's Office not to speak publicly about the experience or try to explain his side of the story, as per TMZ. However, on October 30, the actor was pursued by paparazzi looking to provoke him into talking. Baldwin, his wife Hilaria, and their children were traveling in their car in Manchester, Vermont, where the family had retreated to avoid the spotlight following the incident. At one point, the actor, seemingly fed up with the paparazzi, pulled over to confront the group and ask what they wanted to know. He did reveal, however, that "she was my friend" and called it a "horrible event." He added that there were open lines of communication between him and Hutchins' family. 

While Baldwin definitely seems to be struggling to hold back from sharing his thoughts on what really happened that day on set, it appears that he has been trying to find indirect ways to do so.

Alec Baldwin has been using Instagram to communicate with his fans

Since Alec Baldwin was advised by authorities not to speak about the incident that occurred on set of "Rust," he had to get creative in how he expressed his side of the story to the public. One way to comment on the tragic event was to repost a message from a crew member who had plenty to say about the true conditions present on the set of the film and how the incident was allowed to happen, as reported by TMZ

The alleged crew member, by the name of Teresa Magpale Davis, originally took to Facebook to post her thoughts; however, the "Concussion" actor reposted screenshots of the message on his Instagram page, taking care to leave the comment section empty. In her message, Davis rebuked the rumors that the conditions on set were unsafe, clarifying that the crew never worked more than a 12.5-hour day and defending producers. She went on to claim that there were regular safety meetings, "sometimes multiple per day," and that "the misfires were accidental discharges, which are more common than you think." Davis ended her message by outlining how she believes gun safety measures could be better implemented in the future.

Baldwin's reposts earned both support and criticism from his fans with some urging him to let his attorneys handle the PR around the incident and not react to the inflammatory theories that have been circulating. Others expressed how sorry they were for what he was going through.