What Halyna Hutchins' Husband Is Set To Do Next Amid Her Tragic Death

Halyna Hutchins was killed on October 21 following an accident on a film set, according to ABC News. Hutchins was a skilled cinematographer who had been working on the film "Rust" alongside actor and director Alec Baldwin when tragedy occurred. Baldwin was using a prop gun that he was told was disarmed and safe for use. However, when he fired the gun, a projectile was launched — and it hit Hutchins. She was air-lifted to the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque where she died. She was just 42-years-old. 

Hutchins is survived by her husband, Matthew Hutchins, and a 9-year-old son named Andros. "Halyna inspired us all with her passion and vision, and her legacy is too meaningful to encapsulate in words. Our loss is enormous, and we ask that the media please respect my family's privacy as we process our grief. We thank everyone for sharing images and stories of her life," Matthew tweeted shortly after the accident. 

And while Matthew has been figuring out how to cope with this incredible loss, he is reportedly set to make a big move. Keep reading to find out more.

Several lawsuits could be filed following the death of Halyna Hutchins

Since Halyna Hutchins' untimely death, many people have been wondering who, if anyone, might face charges. There has been some chatter that Baldwin will be charged, however, according to USA Today, he is "unlikely" to face criminal charges in the case. It is possible that he could be liable, and could still be named in civil suits — if any are to be filed. As it turns out, Matthew Hutchins has sought legal counsel, bringing Panish Shea Boyle Ravipudi into the fold, according to the Los Angeles Times. "Respecting Mr. Hutchins' request for privacy as the family grieves the loss of Halyna Hutchins, the firm will not be making any statements at this time," read a statement from the firm.

According to TMZ, the law firm that Matthew has hired actually specializes in wrongful death lawsuits. Matthew is expected to file a lawsuit relatively soon, and a source told TMZ that there will be "multiple defendants," though it is unclear if Baldwin will be one of them. An investigation into Halyna's death is still ongoing, and more lawsuits could be filed in the future, pending the results.

Meanwhile, the film's director, Joel Souza, was also injured in the shooting, and he could also file a lawsuit if he so chooses.