Is Kim Kardashian Going To Bring Pete Davidson To Paris Hilton's Wedding?

Kim Kardashian has been linked to Pete Davidson after the two have been spotted together a few times. According to Us Weekly, Davidson asked Kardashian to hang out after she appeared on "Saturday Night Live!" "He was a true professional the whole time they rehearsed and in between takes, but afterward things got flirty. They exchanged numbers and Pete asked if Kim would like to hang out sometime, which she agreed to straight away," a source told the outlet. From there, the two enjoyed a night out at Knott's Berry Farm, according to Entertainment Tonight.

And while there have been plenty of reports that claim Davidson and Kardashian are just friends, there seems to be more going on there. In fact, a source told Page Six that the two "seemed genuinely affectionate" during a dinner date in New York City, though they were with about 10 other people. Davidson also invited Kardashian to Staten Island, according to TMZ, and the two dined at Campania. And while the apparent couple hasn't made things official by any means, there's already some chatter about what will come next. According to Vanity Fair, Kardashian pal Paris Hilton is getting married on November 11 — and Kardashian is on the guest list. So, will she bring Davidson as her date? Keep reading to find out.

Paris Hilton invited Kim Kardashian to her wedding

TMZ caught up with Paris Hilton just a week ahead of her wedding, and asked the heiress about her guest list. When the person working for the outlet asked Hilton if Kim Kardashian was invited to the wedding, Hilton smiled and nodded. However, when she was asked if Kardashian could bring Pete Davidson as a "plus one," Hilton didn't have a response. She continued walking toward a nearby car. Although Hilton did take photos with some fans, she didn't answer any questions about Kardashian and Davidson, despite continuous attempts to get her to respond. "You've known Kim a long time. What do you think? Is this just a fling?" Hilton was asked. She paid no mind to the Davidson-related questions.

And while it seems as though Kardashian and Davidson are inseparable lately, it doesn't sound like she will be bringing him to Paris Hilton's upcoming wedding — invitation extended or not. Kardashian will be attending the soiree without a date, a source told Page Six. Of course, it's entirely possible that could change over the course of the next week, but fans will have to wait and see what actually happens.