The Bizarre Travis Scott Conspiracy Theories Fully Explained

If there's one thing the past two years have taught us, it's that conspiracy theories are still alive and kicking. Probably the biggest (and most egregious) example of this is the right-wing QAnon conspiracy — which maintains that former President Donald Trump will be reinstated as (or still lawfully is) the head of state, per The New York Times, while largely declaring current President Joe Biden's election victory a sham. As a whole, QAnon claims the Democratic Party is a cabal run by Satan-worshippers, in which Trump will eventually save the day. It is unfortunately a claim that 45 refused to renounce in 2020. Oy.

However, the ties between Satan worship and conspiracy theories go way back. Just think back to the 1980s with "Satanic Panic," a prolonged media scare where baseless accusations of Satanic ritual abuse flew abound. It even happened in music as a backlash to the rise of heavy metal, per LoudWire. And now, with news of the Astroworld Festival tragedies making headlines, devil-worshipping conspiracy theories have reared their ugly head into the realm of music and our overarching society once more. 

Its latest centerpiece? Travis Scott. In the midst of the awful events that took place at his festival involving the deaths of eight people including two teenagers (via CBS News) on November 5, here are the wild conspiracy theories coming his way. 

Travis Scott is being accused of 'sacrifice' with one attendee calling Astroworld a 'concert in hell'

While news outlets have been covering the Astroworld tragedies in full force, netizens are now taking to social media to draw their own conclusions surrounding the incident. What makes this situation stand out, however, is the vocal bunch discussing the idea of "sacrifice" and "demons" in relation to Travis Scott's performance.

Right-wing commentator Henrik Palmgren took to Twitter on November 6, writing, "Travis Scott did a sacrifice" during the show. "Look at the symbolism of the event. 'See you on the other side' is the tagline. People walking into his mouth and through a doorway into another world on promo poster for "Astroworld," he further added, calling readers to "Look at the depravity of the album art cover for Astroworld."

It didn't stop there. Another Twitter user called Scott a "demon on this earth" for his actions, stating, "The videos of him basically chanting as the dead were being carried away from his show. It was ritualistic and demonic" and that "His soul is the devils." One concertgoer even recounted his trauma in a video where he recalled the horror of Scott continuing his performance while attendees dropped in the crowd. As the concertgoer stated, "I'm not trying to put nothing on Travis Scott and call him Illuminati or call him no Devil worshipper... but that's what the f*** it was, bro. We really went to a concert in hell, bro."