Howard Stern Just Went Scorched Earth On Aaron Rodgers

It's a bit ironic for Howard Stern, the "shock jock" radio host whose years of programming has led to many a controversy, to say, "If there was decency in this world..." And yet, that's part of what he said on his show on November 8. Stern had choice words for Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers MVP who was recently outed for lying about his vaccination status.

While the NFL does not have a vaccine mandate requiring its players to get the COVID-19 vaccine — though there is a mandate for its staff and administration, according to USA Today — Rodgers led people to believe that he was, in fact, vaccinated, through some tricky wordplay. When a reporter asked him if he'd been vaccinated, he replied, "Yeah, I've been immunized." While some say immunized and vaccinated are not the same thing, the CDC defines immunization as the process of being protected from a disease through vaccination, and says that the two terms are often used interchangeably.

Twitter replied with the trend #HeLied, as fans saw through Rodgers' trick of the tongue. While Rodgers asked the NFL to grant him vaccination status based on an alternative, homeopathic treatment, they found it did not protect him from the virus, and they refused. He was then required to follow the rules for unvaccinated players, which it appears he did not, and then tested positive for the virus on November 3. Now, as Stern tries to wrap his head around the Rodgers situation, he has things to say.

Howard Stern would impose swift punishment for Aaron Rodgers

While Howard Stern admits he's not a football fan, he's certainly a man with opinions who lives in the world — and the story of Aaron Rodgers lying about his immunization status is certainly bigger than the sports world (especially after that "Saturday Night Live" sketch). "If there was decency in this world," Stern said on his show, "I would throw this guy out of the football league so fast. What he did to his fellow teammates." He also commended Terry Bradshaw for his comments, referring to Rodgers as a "player that pretty much think[s] only about themselves" and who needs to "learn how to be honest."

Once Rodgers was caught in his vaccination lie, he doubled down on anti-vaccination talking points, accusing the "woke mob" of putting the "final nail" in his "cancel culture casket," because he's a "critical thinker" who does his "own research." That research, Stern pointed out, led Rodgers to another shock podcaster, Joe Rogan. "Why would you go to Joe Rogan with a medical problem?" Stern's sidekick Robin Quivers asked. "You got doctors who studied in medical school," Stern said in agreement. "I don't know what has happened to this country."

"I say the next time this f***head [Rodgers] gets injured on the field, they should bring in Joe Rogan to fix the bones," Stern said. "He's the only doctor they should have treat [him]. He'll fix him up, give him some ivermectin," he said. "What am I hearing here? This is all crazy town!"