The Truth About Jon Gosselin's Music Career

Jon Gosselin has remained largely out of the public eye since his very public divorce from Kate Gosselin more than a decade ago. In 2016, Entertainment Tonight reported that the father of eight was working part-time at a TGI Friday's to supplant his full-time job as a DJ. Jon defended his part-time gig to the outlet. "Why can't I work at a restaurant?" he asked. "I like to cook." Prior to his stint at Friday's, Jon worked front of the house at a restaurant called Emily's Pub in rural Pennsylvania — that was, until he was fired for constantly showing up late, per Radar Online.

Now, things are looking up for Jon — somewhat. According to The Sun, Jon and Kate have split custody of their children: Colin and Hannah live with Jon in Pennsylvania while Aaden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah live with Kate in North Carolina. Cary and Mady, the oldest twins, are off in college. And apparently, the kids who stay with Kate have no contact with Jon; they didn't even reach out to him when he had COVID.

However, the outlet reports that this past summer, he returned to Instagram and proudly proclaimed that he is back in the DJ booth. Now, Jon has gone on Dr. Oz to further elaborate on his musical endeavors.

Jon's album 'EI8HT' is coming soon

Jon Gosselin appeared on "Dr. Oz" and revealed that while he may be single again, he has found a new love: making music. Rather than writing a book about the aftermath of his very public divorce and custody battle ("I'm not, like, a 'book person,'" he told Dr. Oz) Jon revealed he will instead be releasing an album inspired by it — and he has been working on it for about five years!

Jon told Dr. Oz that his album will essentially be a book in lyrical form, with beats resembling "a hip-hop/R&B mix." He also revealed that he is collaborating with producer The International DJ Casper — not to be confused with the other DJ Casper, of "Cha Cha Slide" fame. The International DJ Casper is a producer not just for Jon, but also for Rodney Jerkins, Danny Garcia, and the Siangie Twins, according to his Instagram bio.

Jon posted a photo of himself and Casper in the studio on his Instagram in October. "I've wanted to do music for as long as I can remember," he wrote, "but the level of commitment didn't seem right before now." He then announced that his album, called "EI8HT," will be released at the end of this year or early next year. We can't wait to hear it.