The Real Reason Ivana Trump Kept Half Of Her Ex-Husband's Ashes

We all have different ways of mourning, especially when it's the death of a loved one. Some people mourn alone or with a big group of people, some people scream, shout, and cry, while others just silently reminisce on the past. Celebrities mourn in many different ways too. Jennifer Hudson spoke about grief and mourning after her mother, brother, and nephew were murdered in 2008 by Hudson's ex-brother-in-law, William Balfour. "You don't know how strong you are until you are placed in that kind of moment," Hudson said to The Observer in 2015. "Mom would always tell us if you are hurting, moan and you will feel better. ... There is not a day that goes by when I don't repeat the things she said."

After Cory Monteith's fatal overdose, Lea Michele said writing music helped her while she was grieving her ex-boyfriend and castmate. "I had this experience happen to me [and] decided to write about it. ...That's what felt organic," Michele told the Los Angeles Times. She also remembered hearing her song, Cannonball, for the first time and how it impacted her so strongly. "I just literally keeled over because grief is a very scary thing, and there comes a point where it can really take you down. ['Cannonball'] lifted me up," Michele said. "It was what I needed to get through my difficult situation."

Now, Ivana Trump is in the news because her ex-husband Rossano Rubicondi died on October 29. She has requested to keep half of his ashes after his cremation. 

Ivana took care of Rossano when he was 'secretly ill'

On November 1, Rossano Rubicondi's parents Rosa and Claudio Rubicondi appeared on the Italian TV show "Pomeriggio Cinque." There, they spoke about how their son's sudden death impacted them and touched upon his interesting relationship with Ivana Trump. Claudio told the host  Barbara d'Urso that Rossano was alone when a vein in his lung burst, and he fell and hit his head on the bathtub. He was eventually found the next morning, and Trump personally reached out to Rossano's parents. "She called us to express her sorrow," Claudio said (via People).

"Ivana asked if she could keep half the ashes. I said yes," Rosa said, referring to her son being cremated. While some may think it odd to ask for the ashes of your ex-husband, Trump and Rossano's relationship was closer than the average ex-lovers. According to Rossano's parents, Trump was the one who was taking care of Rossano while he was secretly ill with liver cancer in 2020.

Trump and Rossano had a pretty interesting relationship timeline. Rossano was Trump's fourth husband. They wed back in 2008 but divorced a year later. They dated for six years before they got married, and were seen after their divorce dating on-and-off until 2019. They even danced together on the Italian version of "Dancing with the Stars" in 2018, per IB Times. "They truly loved each other and enjoyed each other's company," a source told People.