What Did Travis Scott Do Immediately After The Astroworld Festival Tragedy?

On Friday, November 5, the unthinkable happened at the Astroworld Festival in Houston: a crowd surge during a performance by rapper Travis Scott left eight dead and hundreds of others with varying injuries, as per The New York Times. According to concertgoers who witnessed the tragedy, members of the crowd began pushing forward towards the front, dragging along and trampling anyone in their path. While this was not the first time a similar incident has taken place at a concert or public event, many have questioned why the concert was not shut down sooner after the crowd surge began. It seems that the concert was overcrowded and there wasn't enough medical and security personnel on hand to handle the surge.

Scott continued playing throughout the chaos, seemingly unaware of what was happening, before ending his set and walking off stage. Following the tragedy, he took to his Instagram story (via HITC) to post an apology video to his fans and "send out prayers to the ones that were lost." He added that he "could just never imagine the severity of the situation" and assured the public that he was working with the police and fire department to get to the bottom of things. TMZ also reported that Scott will pay for the funeral costs of all who were killed that night as well as for mental health services for anyone in need. However, despite his heartfelt acknowledgment of the tragedy, it seems there is some disparity as to when he found out about the surge.

Travis Scott allegedly had no idea what happened at the festival until much later

Following the tragic incident at the Astroworld Festival in Houston during Travis Scott's set, the "Highest in the Room" artist reportedly attended an afterparty at Dave & Buster's, as per TMZ. The publication spoke with sources who claimed that Scott took off for the party without any awareness of the crowd surge that had left eight concertgoers dead. One such source said, "Travis didn't know the severity of the situation when he arrived at the party, as far as timing, this remains consistent with the fact that no one including the police had publicly confirmed the gravity of the events that had taken place." Apparently, Scott left the party, thrown by fellow artist Drake, as soon as he found out about the lethal chaos.

The Sun also broke the news that Scott had attended the afterparty along with several fellow celebrities. A source told the publication that the party was "low key," adding, "Drake gave everybody game cards with like 1,000 tokens on them." This source apparently corroborated TMZ's reports that Scott was unaware of the extent of the tragedy, telling The Sun (via Insider) that "everyone knew people died but it wasn't taken that seriously because some thought it was drug deaths." However, if this source is to be believed, it suggests that Scott found out certain details about the tragedy at the festival before heading to the afterparty. However, he didn't know how people died until much later.