The Real Meaning Behind Bite Me By Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne recently returned with a new song, "Bite Me," reminiscent of her early 2000s pop-punk inspired material. After signing to a label, DTA Records, run by Travis Barker of Blink-182 and other collaborations within the new rock wave, Lavigne seems to lean back into the sound that made young fans once fall in love.

"Let's f*** s*** up! Just signed a record contract to Travis Barker's record label DTA Records! Should I drop my first single next week?" Lavigne captioned an Instagram post on November 3.

However, unlike her days reaching popularity with hits like "Sk8er Boi" and "Girlfriend" in 2002, Lavigne's new song definitely shows she's grown up — and allowed to swear now. Lavigne had been teasing an arrival of a return after announcing she'd signed to Barker's label the week prior. Given that the two also debuted a live performance of "Bite Me" on "The Late Late Show with James Corden," it's clear that Lavigne is back in the rock revival for the long haul.

Avril Lavigne wrote Bite Me about a bad relationship

At the start of Avril Lavigne's new song "Bite Me," the Canadian singer opens on an intense note. "You should have known better / To f*** with someone like me / Forever and ever / You're gonna wish I was your wifey / Should have held on / Should have treated me right," Lavigne sings, over a rocking guitar.

"Bite Me" was produced by Lavigne's current boyfriend Mod Sun, as well as Travis Barker (DTA Records) and John Feldmann (Panic! at the Disco), according to the song's Genius page. Although Lavigne hasn't officially announced a title, it also seems to be connected to a forthcoming seventh album.

Lavigne's animosity toward an unnamed partner continues well throughout the verses of the song. "Don't hold your breath / 'Cause you're still chokin' on your words / Those things you said, might be the last ones that I heard / So come pick up your clothes from the front yard / Sprinklers on, burn the rest in the backyard," she sings, before giving further explanations in interviews.

Avril Lavigne opened up about the song's meaning

In anticipation of her newly released single "Bite Me," Avril Lavigne appeared on Kevan Kenney's series on YouTube to chat about everything from her new music and thinking back on her early-aughts career. As for the song itself, she described "Bite Me" as a track about someone who comes back wanting a second chance after they "f***ed up so royally" and realizing too late that they had a good thing.

"It's a song about self-worth and really standing up for yourself and just being like, 'You know what, you didn't treat me right. You didn't treat me well, and that doesn't work for me. So baby, you can bite me,'" she explained of the song, which she also called "super sassy." "It's about me reflecting and looking back at either my past or what I had just been through, in heartbreak or whatever. It's kind of like me poking fun at myself and love in a weird way."

Lavigne also touches on the music video for "Bite Me," which has yet to see an official release, but can still keep fans anticipating it. "I had the most fun shooting this video. I laughed the whole time. The entire time we were shooting this video. So, Travis is in the video, and I started the day out falling out of my trailer," she continued.