Why Kerry Washington's Dad Is A Hit With Fans

Some celebrities tend to be more private (cough, cough, Beyoncé...) but other celebrities gift us regular folk with an insight into their hilarious family members. Ben Stiller once talked about his late father and mother, comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, and how their sense of humor affected him. "My dad is just naturally funny as a person. I feel like he just can't help but be funny, because he's so committed to who he is. And I think in some way for me, my mom's sense of humor feels more — I feel more connected to that probably," Ben revealed to NPR in 2013, years before his parents' deaths. "We laugh at the same things more. But my dad makes me laugh as much as he makes everybody else in the world laugh.

Comedian Andy Kindler also discussed how having a humorous father spoiled him. "I grew up in a family where everyone was really funny; my dad is the funniest person I know, he's hilarious, so I thought that everybody was funny, you know, then I got into the real world," Kindler told Austin CultureMap.

As for Kerry Washington, her father, Earl Washington, was once a real estate broker. But after being nominated for an Emmy twice, he may have found a new calling in comedy and acting. And if Kerry's latest Instagram post is any indication, Earl's star power continues to rise, and she just might lose a couple of her fans to her father.

Earl Washington has a great sense of humor

Kerry Washington decided there was no better way to celebrate Veterans Day on November 11 than with her father, Earl Washington, who is a veteran. Kerry decided to play "two truths and a lie #VeteransDay edition" with her "favorite veteran" dad, asking him to share three stories from his time in the military as examples. After Earl shared his anecdotes, Kerry mentioned how fans had to guess the answer, which surprised the vet. "Do I have fans?" he whispered with a smile.

Actor Nicolette Robinson is clearly a fan of Kerry's dad, because she commented, "Oh my god, your dad is so darn cute, love you," under Kerry's post. Another Instagrammer reassured Earl and said "Yes you have fans Mr. Washington!!" One person on Twitter wrote, "I want them all to be true...love love your dad! Happy Veterans Day from a vet to a vet." While another Twitter user dismisses the concept of two truths and a lie, and tweeted, "Early Washington doesn't lie to his fans, LOVE HIM."

This clearly isn't the first time Kerry has introduced Earl to social media, Kerry frequently posts her father and their shenanigans together on Instagram. Kerry and Earl even do mutiple Instagram skits together called #dadjokes that sends her fans reeling with laughter. "He's just... My dad's the best. He has the most amazing sense of humor, Kerry said in her interview with Good Morning America in 2020. "And you know, when you're a kid, it's embarrassing and then when you become an adult, it's like, so special."