Is This Why Kate Middleton Stopped Wearing Handbags?

Kate Middleton is almost always making headlines for her style choices, and she's been known to cause popular brands to sell out of various items that she has worn.In June 2020, for example, the Daily Mail reported that the Duchess of Cambridge caused a mass-buying frenzy when she appeared on Zoom early on in the coronavirus pandemic. "Demand for the Duchess's lockdown looks has boosted global fashion searches by an average of 86 [percent], according to research," the outlet reported, adding that several of Kate's looks had sold out at major design houses and retailers around the globe. 

In May 2021, Cosmopolitan put together an article that listed all of the shoes that Kate has worn over the years — and included the price and where to buy them. From espadrilles to wedges, from sneakers to pumps, if you want to look like a real-life princess, you can. That's the idea, in part, while others just really like Kate's fashion sense. Another example? Her favorite LK Bennett wedges became a super popular item years ago, and still seem to be a hot commodity today. 

Fans have also taken a liking to many of the accessories that Kate has chosen to pair with her looks, from jewelry to handbags, though the latter appears to be a thing of the past.

Kate Middleton hasn't been carrying a handbag due to a boost in her confidence, stylist says

Kate Middleton has been a big fan of clutches over the years, and has often matched her handbag to her shoes — something that became one of her signature moves. In 2019, Kate chose to carry a sparkly clutch that appeared to be a perfect match for her sparkly heels at a gala, the Mirror at the time. And while Kate's shoe game is still strong, she has actually ditched the handbag for the most part. The reason? According to one stylist, it has to do with the Duchess of Cambridge's boost in confidence. 

"Accessories have often been a clever trick for royals, as a means of busying nervous hands. 'Now that Kate has been a pivotal part of the Royal family for over a decade, she no longer needs tricks to drawing attention away from shaking hands, and instead is at ease with public speaking," stylist Hannah Eichler told the Daily Mail's FEMAIL. "With her new found confidence in public speaking and engaging with members of the public comes a genuine desire to appear more genuine," Eichler continued, adding, "hands are considered the emotional barometer, and therefore using her hands to express her feelings allows Kate to connect more to those who she is speaking."

Perhaps the ditching of the handbag will become the latest Kate-inspired trend!