Fans Are Fuming At Jamie Lee Curtis For Gushing Over Jake Gyllenhaal

An ill-timed Instagram post has landed Jamie Lee Curtis in hot water with Taylor Swift fans. The legendary actor, who rose to fame through the "Halloween" series and most recently appeared in "Halloween Kills," has come under fire for sharing a flick with Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal on the popular social media platform. On the surface, it seems random that Curtis would share a picture of the two celebrity siblings, but it makes sense once you realize that the "Halloween" star is actually Jake's godmother!

According to PopSugar, Curtis has tight-knit ties to the Gyllenhaal family, being close friends with screenwriter matriarch Naomi Foner and director patriarch Stephen Gyllenhaal. In September, Curtis even gushed over Jake for his role in "The Guilty" and has no qualms expressing love for her godson. In the September Instagram post, she wrote, "My friend @jakegyllenhaal is GUILTY of being talented @theguiltynetflixfilm and handsome and smart and brave and soft," adding that he's "Multi layered. Multi talented. Funny AF" and that she's "Proud of him."

But now, Jamie Lee Curtis' latest Instagram post on the "Donnie Darko" star is receiving some, shall we say, swift backlash online.

Jamie Lee Curtis picked the wrong week to celebrate Jake Gyllenhaal

Taylor Swift fans — colloquially known as "Swifties" — are a... passionate bunch, to say the least. The multitalented singer, who is widely known for her post-relationship breakup songs, recently released the album "Red (Taylor's Version)" — a remake of her 2012 classic. The newly re-recorded album features the famous track "All Too Well," which has long been speculated to have been written about ex Jake Gyllenhaal. 

Furthermore, the record features a new 10-minute version, accompanied by a short film directed by Swift herself. With Jake (probably) being Swift's latest target, Swifties have flocked like birds to ardently defend her at any mention of her former flame. Such is the case with Jamie Lee Curtis, who made the mistake of sharing a post with her godson Jake on Instagram.

The Instagram post, which congratulates Jake and sister Maggie Gyllenhaal on their recent accomplishments, has received a plethora of support from Curtis' fan faithful — boasting nearly 150,000 likes. Regardless, Curtis has left Swifties fuming in the comments section, with one commenter stating, "read the room Jamie." Another noted, "Well this is awkward." One other user added, "Not a good time Jamie." One user even referenced the scarf that Swift mentions she left with Maggie in "All Too Well," writing, "The sibling that gives the scarf back wins!" Ouch, not a good time indeed!