Piers Morgan's COVID-19 Tweet Included Another Dig At Prince Harry

Piers Morgan is not someone who holds back, especially when it comes to his criticism of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. After the Duchess of Sussex appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" drinking milk from a baby bottle and purring like a cat, Morgan took to his Twitter account to write, "Meghan behaved like such a gormless desperate reality TV star on her vomit-making Ellen cheese-fest that even a Kardashian would have deemed this humiliating fiasco too brand-damaging." If that were not enough, he has also called on Queen Elizabeth II to strip both Harry and Meghan of their royal titles, saying, "The 'end game' is that the Sussexes are stopped – by the Queen – from ruthlessly exploiting their royal titles for 100s of millions of dollars whilst simultaneously trashing the Royal Family & Monarchy. It's shameful," on Twitter

But it's the way that Morgan has managed to talk about a personal matter while also slamming the Duke of Sussex in one sentence that really has everyone talking.

Piers Morgan is afraid he'll become duller than Prince Harry

If there's anything that both fans and critics alike can agree on, it's that there's no ignoring a person like Piers Morgan. Whether you love him or loathe him, his commentary and musings on social media have made him both the most celebrated personality on television and most despised, so much so that The Hollywood Reporter said back in 2014 that he was one of the most hated people on Twitter. 

With that said, it hasn't stopped him from speaking his mind (and tweeting said thoughts, too. Back in July, Morgan announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19, even though he was fully vaccinated at the time, per the Daily Mail. Several months later, the former "Good Morning Britain" star says that he's still dealing with some side effects that are so bad, he's worried that his worst nightmare might become true, and he'll become dull. Morgan tweeted, "Eighteen weeks today since I caught Covid & still got zero smell, little taste & zombie-like energy levels. Anyone else had this long covid cr*p and found any miracle cures? The Christmas season beckons and as things stand, I'll be as much fun as one of Prince Harry's sermons."

Yikes. So far, there's no word if incessant tweeting and taunting is a COVID-19 side effect, as well.