Priyanka Chopra Hopes For A Megan Markle, Prince Harry Wedding

The Quantico actress is ready to see her friend Meghan Markle marry into the royal family.

During an interview on The Wendy Williams Show, Chopra was asked if she thinks Markle will marry Prince Harry. "I don't know," the 34-year-old responded. "I hope so! She seems happy."

"I think they look great together," Chopra added.

But Chopra, who stars in the new Baywatch movie, didn't want to gossip too much about Markle's romance. "Listen," she said, "high-profile relationships are so stressful anyway, like, as a friend, I wouldn't want to add on that at all."

Unfortunately, Chopra revealed, we shouldn't expect to see her as part of Markle's future bridal party. "I don't think I'm that close to her," she told host Wendy Williams, admitting that she's only known Markle for about two years.

Still, maybe Chopra will score an invite to their wedding. Rumor has it that Markle, who was previously married to film producer Trevor Engleson, is preparing to start her life with Harry soon. "She's at a place in her life where she is ready to settle down and have children. She wasn't necessarily there in her previous marriage," a source told E! News.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see if Prince Harry pops the question!