Jessie J Opens Up About Devastating Pregnancy Loss

Jessie J is known for being an open book. Jessie often discusses personal matters with her fans, many times during concerts. In November 2018, the British singer-songwriter told an audience at the Royal Albert Hall in London that she suffered from fertility issues, as E! News reported at the time. Jessie added that the diagnosis wasn't going to deter her from trying to conceive, something she always wanted. "So four years ago, I was told that I couldn't have children, and it's OK, I'm going to have children, trust me. When the doctor told me, my reaction was, 'Oh hell nooooooo,'" Jessie told concertgoers, who responded with clamoring and applause.

Jessie explained that her decision to open up about her struggles was an attempt to normalize the conversation around it. "I don't tell you guys for sympathy, I'm one of millions of women, and of men, that have gone through this and will go through this, and it can't become something that defines us." In fact, the "Domino" singer wrote the song "Four Letter Word" after receiving the devastating news. As Us Weekly noted, the lyrics are explicit about her both pain and hope. "Feels in my heart, we'll meet one another / You'll be my baby, I'll be your mother," the lyrics read.

Jessie is once again turning to her fans to share the latest chapter in her struggle with infertility. While sharing the news of a heartbreaking pregnancy loss, the artist continued to express her characteristic hope.

Jessie J had decided to be a mother on her own

Jessie J took to her Instagram page on November 24 to announce that the baby she had been carrying had lost its heartbeat. The devastating news came just a day before the "Bang Bang" singer was set to step onstage to perform in Los Angeles. "It's the loneliest feeling in the world," Jessie wrote toward the end of her lengthy post, which included a photo of herself teary-eyed and holding a pregnancy test in front of her face.

Jessie also shared that she had decided to become a mother without a partner. In October, the singer announced she and boyfriend Max Pham Nguyen had broken up, according to Metro. But being single wouldn't stop her from trying to become a mother. "I decided to have a baby on my own. Because it's all I've ever wanted and life is short," she wrote in the Instagram post. 

In spite of her heartbreak, Jessie will perform on November 24 nonetheless. That's because singing has been her safe place for as long as she can remember. "I have done 2 shows in 2 years and my soul needs it. Even more today ... I started singing when I was young for joy, to fill my soul and self love therapy, that hasn't ever changed and I have to process this my way," Jessie wrote. While heartbroken over the loss, Jessie assured fans that she will continue to try to have a child.