Kate Middleton Confirms This Is The Perfect Look For Colder Weather

She's the Duchess of Cambridge, a mother of two, and a future royal leader. But let us not forget, Kate Middleton is also a fashion icon. As the wife of Prince William, both Kate and the Duke of Cambridge have been hard at work, paving the way in modernizing the royal family. And with her charitable work and unparalleled elegance in tow, Kate regularly channels the late Princess Diana in many ways. In fact, she just might be the closest thing to Di in modern history, and she's not afraid to pay tribute to William and Harry's late matriarch.

Kate's only daughter was given the name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, paying homage to not only Her Majesty, but to Lady Diana, as well (per Hello!). Per the outlet, Kate also sports Diana's sapphire engagement ring and has drawn comparisons to the late Princess of Wales for her style choices. Just take a look at Kate's stunning pink suit from 2015, which serves as a clear tribute to Diana's outfit during her 1990 visit to Westminster.

But don't get us wrong — Kate is the furthest thing from a carbon copy. The Duchess of Cambridge executes her tributes with taste just as much as she does in trendsetting, modern styles. And, with the coldest part of the year upon us, Kate Middleton recently served up a look that's more than ideal for those shivering temps.

Kate Middleton's black trousers are the perfect accompaniment for cold weather

You know those sweatpants and joggers that you constantly recycle once late fall-slash-winter rolls around? You can go ahead and throw those away because Kate Middleton is setting the new standard for winter wear and cold weather vibes.

Per InStyle, the Duchess of Cambridge was just spotted rocking a pair of black Spanx trousers amidst the cold weather for a pre-Thanksgiving celebration. Combining the look with a fuchsia top and complimentary jacket, Kate stunned as she rocked the look with elegance and grace. You almost have to wonder if she knows she's this much of a fashion icon. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge's style has become so influential that "the Kate effect" — a term acknowledging that her clothing choices immediately sell out as soon as she steps out in public — was coined to define the phenomenon (per Vanity Fair).

Bethan Holt, fashion news and features director for The Telegraph, spoke with Vanity Fair and discussed Kate's fashion choices, noting that, "Part of the appeal of Kate — and the royal family was obviously very conscious of this — is that she's not a blue-blooded princess." She further clarified, adding that, "[Kate] wearing high-street is a way for her to consistently remind people of that, and to show that she is one of us," highlighting how Kate's relatability factor definitely plays an important role in the duchess' insurmountable popularity across the pond.