The Truth About The Royal Family's Secret Social Media Accounts

If we've learned anything about the royal family during this wave of renewed media interest, it's that they are committed to staying relevant. They certainly seem to be having a Renaissance in TV and movies, at least when it comes to fictionalized retellings of their lives. Look at the global attention that Netflix's "The Crown" received. Then there is "Spencer," featuring Kristen Stewart as the late Princess Diana. Add these titles to the rash of documentaries about members of the royal family and you have a worldwide obsession.

The royal family has faced an uphill battle in trying to stay relevant in an era where monarchy seems antiquated and more and more people can't figure out the function that they play. "The Royal Family are always trying to reinvent themselves," marketing consultant Diana Young told CBC. "They want to see real people and realize they are going through the same thing we are going through." With this newfound interest in appearing relatable, a royal expert addressed the ongoing questions around secret social media accounts amongst the royal family.

It's possible Queen Elizabeth II has a private Facebook account

Journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti spoke to Us Weekly about the possibility of Queen Elizabeth II having a secret Facebook account. Initially, Sacerdoti spoke to the improbability of it thanks to her age. "There've been reports that the queen has a secret Facebook account, which I can't quite believe [because] she is 95 years old," he began.

However, the queen has continued to surprise us, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when online technology became the best way to communicate. "So, I have trouble sometimes with new technology, but she seems completely able to pick these things up," Sacerdoti said of the queen. "We saw her during lockdown with all the Zoom calls and the video calls. And now, since her health's been not quite as good as it was in the past, she's been doing more [appearances] that way. And now we find out about the Facebook account. It's extraordinary to think how readily and easily she picks up these new technologies." Sacerdoti didn't rule it out. 

CBC also noted how adept the royal family is at social media via their public accounts. Prince Charles loves Instagram and Twitter. Prince William and Kate Middleton regularly post on Instagram. With such continuous use of these social media accounts and the queen's adeptness at Zoom, it's entirely possible that they could have private accounts. The queen scrolling through Facebook on a Friday night is honestly as relatable as it gets.