Jennifer Lopez Really Feels This Way About Her Romance With Ben Affleck

Bennifer 2.0 might be the biggest pop culture story to come out of 2021 — and the movie star celebs are just getting started. 

Rumors started swirling back in the spring that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were rekindling their love nearly 20 years after a public breakup. The Hollywood love story began in the early 2000s on the set of their film "Gigli" in 2002. At the time, Lopez had just divorced her second husband, Cris Judd. Months later, Affleck wooed the singer via full-page ads that read, "I only wish I were lucky enough to be in all your movies," according to CNN. The movie star popped the question by the end of 2002 with a 6.1 carat pink diamond.

Bennifer was all anyone could talk about at the time, with the couple milking the public's obsession in J.Lo's music video for "Jenny From the Block." Unfortunately, the attention became too much for the couple, who postponed their 2003 wedding at the last minute citing media frenzy. By January 2004, the engagement was off and Bennifer was over. Reconciliation seemed far-fetched, with Lopez marrying Marc Anthony just six months after breaking it off with Affleck... until 2021, that is.

Shortly after splitting from ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez, Lopez revisited her past relationship and was soon spotted canoodling with Affleck in the spring. To the delight of fans, the couple went Instagram official in July with a public smooch. Now, insiders are ready to reveal how the singer truly feels about her rekindled romance.

Bennifer are 'committed' to 'spending the rest of their lives together'

While Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck still remain relatively hush-hush about their second attempt at a relationship, sources revealed all signs point to that forever kind of love. According to People, the Hollywood couple spent the Thanksgiving holiday with each other and are working out a plan to blend families once again come Christmas. "They are doing really well," said the insider. "Jennifer loves being with Ben. She feels it's truly meant to be." The source noted the celebs' busy schedules often keeps them apart, but Bennifer is "finding time... whenever they can."

An insider previously revealed to Us Weekly the couple has "not a single doubt in their mind[s] that this is [not] going to work." The source claimed Lopez and Affleck feel as if their new relationship has been years in the making, and are "aware some cynics still look at it as a big flashy attention grab." The source continued, admitting "it doesn't faze [Lopez and Affleck] one iota. They're fully committed to taking the next steps and spending the rest of their lives together."

Could there be a second Bennifer engagement in the works? Only time (and gossip blogs) will tell, but for now the celebs are certain "everything that went wrong in the past can only serve them in a positive way this time around."