The White House Christmas Tree Has The Internet Divided

Ahh yes, Christmas season. Stores are buzzing, carolers are singing, and people are out picking which festive tree will adorn their living rooms this year. Even the White House likes to get in on the festive merriment. According to White House History, "the first known Christmas tree in the White House was placed upstairs in the Second Floor Oval Room (then used as a family parlor and library) in 1889 (during the Benjamin Harrison administration)." Although other sources have mentioned that former President Harrison wasn't the first to add a Christmas tree to the White House. It was actually the former President Franklin Pierce who "decorated an evergreen on the White House lawn in 1853," per History.

But, regardless of who started the Christmas tree in the White House tradition first, it was followed by every single president since. Everyone recalls that former first lady Melania Trump offered interesting variations on the White House Christmas trees during her husband's years in office. According to The Guardian, in 2017, Melania had bare white branches lit from below gracing the halls of the East Wing in the White House. Then, in 2018, Melania had 40 red trees made from red berries lining the East Colonnade in the White House (in a very ominous way, we might add).

But there is a new sheriff taking control of the decorations in the White House, and her name is Dr. Jill Biden. Biden debuted her take on what the 2021 White House Christmas tree looks like on Twitter, and it has the internet divided.

The White House Christmas tree decor has received mixed reviews

President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, are the newest tenants living in the White House. In the spirit of Christmas, Jill decided to shake things up and decorate the White House differently this year. Her theme for the White House Christmas decor is "Gifts from the Heart," which is meant to honor "those who have persevered through hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic," per ABC News.

White House officials said the theme is present within every room, "with sort of an element of another theme, a sub-theme, if you will." Jill showed off one of the White House's newest Christmas trees on Twitter, adorned with white dove ornaments all over. However, his particular tree didn't sit well with some people, like one Twitter user, who said, "I kind of miss normal Christmas decorations though." Similarly, another user did not like the decorations, writing, "Where's the color? Looks like a giant tree with night lights all over it." However, others have commended Jill's Christmas tree, like this user, who jokingly shaded Melania Trump, while complimenting Jill's choices: "That can't be right. It looks beautiful and not like something out of a @StephenKing novel. So nice to have normal folks back in the White house. Thank you Mrs. Biden!" Another fan also thought the decor choice was the right touch. "Doves of peace for all the states, what a beautiful idea. Simple and timely."