The Truth About Adele's Vegas Residency

Adele is back, baby! And now that we've listened to "30" about a hundred times and finally dried our tears, we're ready to get excited for the British diva's return to the stage. But it looks like Adele won't be going the traditional world tour route, as she appeared to announce an upcoming residency in Las Vegas on her Instagram on November 30. 

On her social media page, Adele captioned a promotional photo advertising the residency, titled "Weekends With Adele," with a short and sweet message: "See you at Caesars in Vegasss," along with a twinkly star emoji. If Adele won't come to us, then we'll just have to go to Adele, are we right? 

The announcement caused a stir for a few reasons. For one, current recording artists who are still making new music don't tend to do Vegas residencies like this. Rather, pop divas — Britney Spears and Cher are two famous examples — usually wind up in Vegas in the winters of their careers. But Adele is breaking the mold, and now fans are eager to learn more all about her exciting new chapter.

Adele's exclusive Vegas residency begins in January

Here's what we can tell you about Adele's Vegas residency. Adele will perform "Weekends With Adele" for two shows every weekend starting on January 22, 2021, through April 16, 2022, per Variety. The exclusive residency will be at The Colosseum in Caesar's Palace Hotel and Adele will play every weekend except February 18 and 19, when Van Morrison will be taking the stage. Variety notes that along with two shows in London scheduled for next summer, the Vegas residency is the only live concert schedule that Adele has announced so far. But why?

Well, here's where we enter the realm of speculation. It could be that as the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, Adele figured staying in one place would be safer than constant traveling all around the world. Another possible reason for the stay is her young son, Angelo. Maybe Adele thinks it would be easier on her little boy if she were to stay in one place where he could stay with her. Whatever the reason, we're ready to book our next Vegas trip.