Where Is Luis From 90 Day Fiancé Now?

Fans of the TLC hit, "90 Day Fiance," and its plethora of spinoffs, have been firsthand observers in some of the wildest and most tumultuous relationship disasters to have made the air. Everything from uncomfy age gaps and questionable motives has doomed handfuls of couples, with many not making it down the aisle or divorcing soon after.

One duo to fall into this category is Luis Mendez and Molly Hopkins. Luis, who hailed from the Dominican Republic, came to America on a K-1 visa to be with his then-fiance, and the couple married in July 2017. They appeared on Season 5 of "90 Day Fiance," according to In Touch Weekly. But the relationship was rough from the beginning, with Luis clashing with Molly's oldest daughter, Olivia, and there were questions about how committed he was to the marriage. Then there was the epic fight about Molly's owl candle decoration, which Luis argued was demonic. Yup.

So it's safe to say the dissolution of their marriage wasn't what caught everyone by surprise — instead, it was Luis' decision to get remarried just five short months after their divorce was final. So is Luis still hitched, and where does he stand with Molly today?

Molly got the chance to confront Luis

While Luis Mendez of "90 Day Fiance" fame was quick to move on from Molly Hopkins after their 2018 divorce, he wasn't about to sit back and listen to flak about his actions during their marriage. According to In Touch Weekly, Luis went on a May episode of "90 Day Fiance: Single Life Tell-All," in which Molly starred, to give his perspective on things. He also let Molly — as well as her new boyfriend, Kelly Brown, and fans of the show — know that he wasn't a cheater. And apparently, he didn't like being labeled one either. And when Molly asked her ex if he was still with the new wife, he snapped, "That's none of your business." That retort seems like a far cry from when Luis told In Touch at the time of his wedding, "The most amazing thing was meeting her, because she turned all life to happiness."

It's anyone's guess as to whether Luis and his wife are still together, as his Instagram shows nothing of his marriage, and apparently, that's the way he likes it. But his IG does make clear he's based in New Jersey, where his brother lives, and likes to travel around the United States to spend time with his family. Outside of that, he's pretty quiet — as well as cryptic. "Everything got a price," his bio reads. Hmm.

Molly's love life seems to have fared better than Luis'

While Luis Mendez remarried quickly after his split from ex-wife Molly Hopkins, she moved on a bit slower. In 2018, Molly began dating a cop from Brooklyn, New York named Kelly Brown. Kelly appeared on the "90 Day Fiance: The Single Life" with Molly, and the two even sparked engagement rumors when a fan noticed Molly was sporting a glitzy ring on that finger. But alas, Molly had this to say about the jewelry in question. "My bestie gave me that and said until a man who loves me more than she does replaces it, it's on there," the "90 Day Fiance" star revealed. Still, it's a good sign the two are still together, with Molly noting on Instagram in November it was "so much fun doing life" with her guy.

Love aside, the reality TV star has been focused on building her LiviRae Lingerie brand and conquering her weight loss goals, documenting her progress on her Instagram page. Get it, Molly!

So although Molly and Luis didn't end up together, it does seem they are both happy with how their lives turned out, and sometimes, that is all you can ask for.