How Princess Diana's Memory Could Help The Reconciliation Between William And Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry have been at odds for quite some time. The two brothers haven't seen eye-to-eye on many things over the past couple of years, and their disagreements have caused a divide that hasn't yet healed. When Harry decided that royal life wasn't for him, and stepped down as a senior member of the royal family back in 2020, he walked away from supporting his brother — the future king — too, and this made things even more tense. Since Harry and Meghan Markle now live in California, it has been even more challenging for Harry and William to work things out — they do have an ocean between them after all.

Over the past year, Harry and William have seen each other on two occasions. Once at Prince Philip's funeral back in April, and again at the unveiling of a statue of their mother, Princess Diana, in July. According to Entertainment Tonight, the brothers put on a "united front" at the statue unveiling, the boys didn't bury the hatchet, so to speak, according to Us Weekly. "They seemed relaxed in each other's company, there wasn't any sign of tension between them," royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight. It is possible, however, that Diana's memory could ultimately help William and Harry work through their differences and get their relationship back on track. The only question is... how?

Prince William and Prince Harry could have mended their relationship in July

During his candid interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired back in March, Prince Harry said that he has tremendous love for his brother. He also mentioned the shared experience they have in the tragic death of their mother — and sort of insinuated that it bonded them on a much deeper level than most people ever experience. "As I've said before, I love William to bits. He's my brother. We've been through hell together. We have a shared experience, but we were on different paths," Harry said, according to the Independent. So, could that shared bond — that love for their late mother — be the fix for their relationship? 

According to a new biography titled "Brothers and Wives" written by Christopher Andersen (via Town & Country), Harry and Prince William had an opportunity to turn things around at the statue unveiling. However, that's not what happened. Nevertheless, the brothers seem to still be bonded by their traumatic past, and they both have the utmost respect for their mother. They both know that Princess Diana wanted nothing but the best for them both, and it is entirely possible that her love for them could eventually bring them around. It may take some time, but it seems that Diana is very much a common ground for William and Harry to stand on.