How Gisele Bundchen Stopped Tom Brady's Future Plans For His Son

Tom Brady is a father of three children; two with supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and a son with his ex, Bridget Moynahan, according to People magazine. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is a big family guy, and is often seen spending time with his kids when he's not practicing with his teammates — though he admits that he's not as home as much as he wants to be. "I try to do my best with the kids. Although I wish I was there more, but I think if I was there too much, you know, they might be sick and tired of me screwing up everything that's been going on in the house for a long time too," Brady said on his Let's Go podcast back in October, People reports.

As Brady's eldest son Jack gets older, he is showing more of an interest in football. In fact, Jack served as a ballboy at Buccaneers training camp over the summer, according to CBS News. "He's at a good age. The more I get to do with him the better it is. We have a great time together and it's really a treat for me to have him. He thinks it's fun but it's probably way better for me having him out here. It's really, really cool," Brady said. And while Brady may want to see Jack play sports in high school and in college, Bundchen is making sure to temper her husband's expectations. 

Tom Brady has big dreams for his son, Jack

It seems that the moment that Jack Brady showed the slightest interest in football, his dad Tom Brady went all in. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the Brady boys were watching some college ball, and witnessed the University of Michigan — Tom's alma mater — beat Ohio State. "I had a little future Wolverine, my son Jack, sitting on the bed with me as I was jumping around and we were wrestling and I said, 'That's where you're gonna be! You're gonna be in the 'Big House' someday. You're gonna be the starting quarterback for Michigan,'" Tom shared on his November 30 podcast

But Gisele Bundchen put a damper on the excitement. "My wife was like, 'Just let him be what he wants to be for god's sakes!'" Tom shared. "It was a great day for our family," he joked. If you know anything about Tom Brady, you know the guy is passionate! Tom called Jack "the greatest 12-year-old you could envision," in a 2020 interview with Howard Stern, according to Us Weekly. Tom has a lot of love for his family, and he is obviously excited that his son likes football. Jack could easily carry on the Brady legacy long after his dad retires. You know, if Tom ever actually retires...