Donald Trump Can't Stop Gushing About Queen Elizabeth

Donald Trump's 2018 meeting with Queen Elizabeth was bound to make headlines regardless of what happened, but the former president went above and beyond. In July 2018, Trump was accused of breaching protocol several times during his visit to the U.K., including making the queen wait for more than 10 minutes, shaking her hand instead of bowing, and turning his back to her, USA Today reported at the time. The latter instance took place in public, leading to a commotion online. That's because Trump abruptly stopped during the ceremonial inspection of Elizabeth's honor guard, which forced her to walk behind the then-president, per The New York Times. That's a big no-no.

Americans and Britons alike were insulted. Many took to Twitter to let out their frustrations regarding Trump's unconventional meeting with the queen of England. "Me: a republican. Also me: TRUMP HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT THE QUEEN LIKE THAT," one user tweeted. A British user was more sober in his criticism. " ... It is a very black mark against the [prime minister] & her Govt that they required her to host Trump and be subjected to his disrespect and discourtesy," the user tweeted.

Despite the kerfuffle, Trump believed the meeting went great. And all these years later, he continues to think highly of the event and of the queen...

Donald Trump claims he and Queen Elizabeth 'had an evening the likes of which you rarely see'

Donald Trump can't help but admire Queen Elizabeth he told former U.K. politician Nigel Farage on "GB News," his first overseas interview since leaving the White House. "I think she is a great woman ... And to think she's done this for more than 70 years and she's never had a scandal about herself. An incredible woman," Trump told Farage (via the Independent). 

Trump also addressed the overall feeling expressed over his many faux-pas. "I was supposed to spend half an hour, I ended up being there for much more than an hour and people said, 'That's so rude,' but she liked it and I liked it." In characteristic Trump style, he boasted about his ability to entertain. "We had a great time together. We then had an evening the likes of which you rarely see. She was laughing and smiling, we got along great," he said.

In the interview, Trump also accused Meghan Markle of being disrespectful to the entire British royal family, but "most importantly to the queen." In addition, Trump revealed his belief that " ... [Prince] Harry has been used horribly," adding, "I think someday he will regret it" (seemingly referring to Harry's decision to live a different life with Meghan). 

But that's just Trump's latest jab against the duchess, as he previously said (via The Independent), "I'm not a fan of hers. I wish a lot of luck to Harry, he's going to need it."